Quiet diplomacy is okay. But a quiet media?

Using Google to search for media coverage of the Indian citizens arrested earlier this month by Saudi authorities turns up only one hit from an Indian news organisation: just a reproduction of a terse story from the news wires.

A media release by Human Rights Watch, which has taken up the issue of Saudi persecution of people—some of whom are Indian nationals—of the Qadiani/Ahmadiyya sect, reveals that the Indian government has been up to some quiet work.

An Indian diplomat told Human Rights Watch that Indian consular officials had visited Ahmadi detainees of Indian nationality. Syrian and Pakistani diplomats have not visited detained nationals of their countries. [HRW]

The diplomats are doing their job. The media is not. To its credit, it often picks the nation’s conscience by beaming news of atrocities to people’s living rooms. To its collective shame, it has chosen to maintain deep silence on this one.

4 thoughts on “Quiet diplomacy is okay. But a quiet media?”

  1. Seriously: just what is it about our media that we can justifiably be proud of?

    The hot chicks on TV.They somehow compel me to watch the news (with the mute button ON ofcourse) 8).

  2. You said it right. Media is paying high attention on some girlie issues on a girlie show in UK and leading discussions if the words that flew were racial or not. They dont see real issues not turn a blind eye

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