Bill Emmott sees the light

…on the geopolitics of the India-US nuclear deal

Citing that the India-US nuclear deal would damage efforts to check nuclear proliferation, particularly the NPT, The Economist called upon the United States Congress and ‘plenty of other governments’ to “(find) the courage of their anti-proliferation convictions and (block) the deal, before even more damage is done”. In a very detailed single sentence rebuttal of that editorial, The Acorn had asked that newspaper to just shove it.

That was in July 2006, after Bill Emmott had stepped down as the newspaper’s editor. But even when he was there he was a harsh critic of the deal. Emmott now admits that that position was myopic.

No doubt persuaded further by my current visit to Delhi, I now think the earlier criticism of the US-India pact was shortsighted. America should probably have extracted more concessions from India about the inspections regime for its nuclear operation.

But that regime was already well and truly bust, even before the Indian deal, as the Iranian and North Korean nuclear she-nanigans have long shown.

The pact will make no difference to the conduct of either of those rogues, and has no real effect on the limited willingness of other countries to impose punishing sanctions on them. [The Times]

It’s an article in which he gets many things right.

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  1. I’d read that economist article Nitin and there were about 2 more that came out in subsequent issues. It almost seemed like Economist was acting as a lobbying entity for the ones opposed to the deal. Check out the article by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post which seems more realistic although I feel subjectiveness doesn’t have any room when it comes to International Relations/Policy.

    My post on the deal and NPT and here is the Richard Cohen article.

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