Baseless allegations (Kingston, Jamaica edition)

How did Woolmer die?

It is when Pakistani media managers say that the “allegations are baseless” that you know you have to sit up and take notice. No, this one is not about terrorists and gangsters living in the country under the ISI’s protection (although that is not entirely ruled out). This one is about the death in Kingston, Jamaica—under suspicious circumstances—of Bob Woolmer, Pakistan’s cricket coach. Responding to allegations (made by a former Pakistani cricket official) that the player-bookie nexus had something to do with the Woolmer’s death, Javed Mir, the team’s media manager said, well, “Allegations are always baseless. Prove it”.

Proving it now happens also to be Scotland Yard’s job. [Update: Jamaican police confirm that Woolmer was murdered]

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  1. Times Now tv is a sham. But if all this is true and officer Mark Shields from Scotland Yard has his way, it will ruffle quite a few feathers in the “cricketing greats” rank and file. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  2. Sriram,

    Patrick Kidd has a more innocent explanation:

    The police naturally treat any death as suspicious if the cause is not instantly identifiable. It does not mean that he was killed or that he took his own life (I hardly think Woolmer was that type). It may simply mean that his prescription drugs reacted badly with what he had eaten or drunk that night. [Line & Length]

  3. Now Cricinfo’s editorial brigade starts writing how this is “only” a game and how 24×7 pressure by ‘immature’ subcontinent fans has taken its toll on Bon Woolmer. Read Sambit Bal.

    Sure, its a game if played in some obscure corner of the country by people who wish to pass time. Not if its played by men who get paid for doing it. A decent seat for an ODI costs upwards of $100 and you dont pay so much to hear your heroes say “ball was not coming on to the bat”.

  4. nitin, if it is indeed bookies, how can u accuse only the pakis? it could have been and indian bookie. Blasphemous i say!!

  5. Poor Woolmer. I think he must have been killed by some members of the Paki team after an heated argument in his room following their loss to Ireland.Thereafter they must have desperately tried to cover things up by rearranging the crime scene and making a big show of trying to resuscitate him thereby fudging any fingerprint evidence on his body.

    Ok, maybe i’am watching too much of Sherlock holmes :).

  6. I am hoping that Scotland Yard will uncover a link to D company and this will embarrass Pakistan sufficiently to hand over D or ‘take care’ of him.

    By weird coincidence(?) Ireland’s ex-cricket chief Bob Kerr has also passed away in a hotel there at the WC due to heart attack.


  7. Raman writes in Outlook of a possible Tablighi Jamaat angle. Earlier Amir Mir had written about the growing influence of religion in the team and of TJ players headed by Inzy and non-TJ faction headed by Younis Khan. Even ex-PCB chief Sharayar Khan wrote that Woolmer was worried about TJ undermining his authority. My guess is that Woolmer perhaps rubbed the players in the wrong way by adapting see where all prayer and no work has brought us or some similar line. Someone might have hit him in a fit of rage. Just a guess.

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