Weekday Squib: Prime Mesmeriser

When Shaukat Aziz didn’t get lucky

Marcus Mabry’s new book Twice as Good: Condoleezza Rice and Her Path to Power should cause some more trouble to a man already in a lot of it. No, not with his workplace boss or the Pakistani people, but with his wife. He’ll probably say that he did it for the country.

The legend of Condoleezza Rice grows. Not only has she shown herself as a tough diplomat, she also can add “maneater” to her list of accolades. Apparently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz, fancies himself as a man who can bring any woman to her knees inside of two minutes through his charm and good looks. He looked forward to meeting Rice for this purpose, according to a new biography of the Secretary of State:

The book describes in excruciating detail how Shaukat Aziz allegedly tried to impress Rice when she visited South Asia in March 2005, according to the newspaper.

Aziz “tried this Savile Row-suited gigolo kind of charm: ‘Pakistan is a country of rich traditions,’ staring in (Rice’s) eyes,” the biography’s author Marcus Mabry writes, citing participants at the meeting. …

“He bragged — to Western diplomats, no less — that he could conquer any woman in two minutes,” writes Mabry, according to Dawn.

So how did Shaukat do with Condi? Well, perhaps “Shaukat” is Pakistani for “Casey”, because he whiffed in his only at-bat:

“There was this test of wills where he was trying to use all his charms on her as a woman, and she just basically stared him down,” the newspaper quoted Mabry, a senior correspondent with Newsweek magazine, as writing.

“By the end of the meeting, he was babbling. The Pakistanis were shifting uncomfortably. And his voice visibly changed.” [Captain’s Quarters]

In other news, Nilofer Bakhtiar, Aziz’s cabinet colleague, was sacked because she kissed her parachute instructor after jumping off a plane to raise money for Pakistani earthquake victims.

No, it might not be what you think it is. Bakhtiar, you see, was not wearing clothes from Savile Row. She was wearing something that looked like a Barney costume.

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  1. LOL! that was very funny. He must have forgotten to use AXE deospray, Close Up toothpaste, Romanov Vodka, Swatch, Parker Pen, Manikchand Ghutka and Mentos- dimak ki bhathi jaleya to enhance his appeal :).

  2. Pakistan is a country of rich traditions Shaukat Aziz said that with a straight face?! A rubber-stamp trying to act intelligent – big problem. Interesting isn’t it how a dhoti-clad son of the soil like Babu Jagjivan Ram had the university professor Kissinger fumbling for words, and earlier Lal Bahadur Shastri a 4′ 11″ sparrow ran circles around Sandhurst trained Ayub Khan, while these suited booted clowns can’t speak straight when their bluff is called!

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