Pragati June 07: The elephant goes to town

The Indian National Interest Review

Some of you who might have been wondering why posting on this blog has been infrequent in the last couple of weeks. Well, it’s because we were making a special effort to create a very good magazine. No lives were lost in the process, but wives were called upon to comment, little fairies watched more television than is considered safe, crawling infants stood up on their feet and the coffee market experienced a demand shock.

So here it is.

Issue 3 – June 2007 [Get it here]
Pragati Issue 3 CoverContents
PERSPECTIVE: Soft power, hard reality, Channel !ndia, The Indian corporate century, Climate change & international security

FILTER: On India-US relations; India’s consumer market; The Doha round and free trade in services; Productivity miracle; and Climate change and the Indian farmer

IN DEPTH: Leveraging Remittances

ROUNDUP: Microfinance: Charting new territory; Globalisation: Readying for the next round

BOOKS: In extenso: Six great revolutions; Review: PLU engaged in WMD

You can download the issue at INI website. Also receive your digital edition by email (starting from the next issue) by signing up here:

8 thoughts on “Pragati June 07: The elephant goes to town”

  1. All the guys at Pragati, I am sure you get quite a bit of this – well done (I hope that coffee tastes good too!)

  2. Well, cool..

    But whats with that elephant.. It seems like you are influenced by the Economist’s view of India – Poor country full of elephants and snakes..

  3. Nitin,
    I think you must have a forum to discuss the articles in Pragati.

    btw, great job once again.

  4. RS,

    Thanks for that suggestion. Btw, you can use the good old method of writing to the editor.

  5. I am not able to download the pdf version of Pragathi. Is my dial up connection to blame ?

  6. Raj,

    Quite likely. There are two links provided: one to download from the INI server, and the other from Google. Both work fine.

    I’d recommend you sign-up to receive it in your email. Since the subscription will start from the next issue, I can mail it to you if the address you’ve provided while writing the comment is accurate.

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