Abraham was from Andhra

The All India Telugu Conference turns up an astonishing piece of research

It was astonishing enough when a remote tribe from North Eastern India was discovered to be one of the lost tribes of Israel. Now one scholar from the Potti Sriramulu Telugu University has produced arguments that contend that the Israelites of the Old Testament might have started their journey from Andhra Pradesh.

Quoting several such examples Ms. Samyuktha said there was sufficient proof to link those Sumerian cultures with the Telugus. Hebrew, Sumerian and Assyrian records abound in such descriptions and suggest that the present Israelis belonged to Andhra Pradesh.

Ms. Samyuktha argues that Kamakur village in Balayapalli mandal of Nellore district still has 21 Jewish families. Only they are not even aware that they are Jews. She is one among them and her first name Kooniah could be found in Hebrew as Koni, she says.[The Hindu]

Telugutanam has more details.

The findings do look, shall we say, outlandish. But intriguing.

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  1. No wonder Aryan Hitler hated Dravidian Telegu Jews! But Nitin, I bet the following piece of information will be of much more immediate interest to you ๐Ÿ™‚ According to a Gurjar community website, the community that seeks ST status considers itself to be royal and has delusions of an Aryan origin in Central Asia. Hardly aborigines to merit ST status ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gujar/Gujjar/Gurjar is a royal community living in India as well as in other parts of the world like Afganistan,Iran,Ukarine and Pakistan.The cultural and phonetic evidences tells that the word Gujar is a derivation of Gurjara and sounds like Georgia which indicates that the Gurjar community is of central asian origan(Georgia,Chechnya,Ukraine etc.)

  2. Are you suggesting that we encourage our long departed countrymen to return, and treat them as a minority deserving of reservations?

  3. So, I am Abraham’s baap? That gives us the right to emigrate but as water is rationed in Israel and ppl take shower once a week there, I prefer to stay in our good old AP enjoying our Mangoes and waiting for the first rains of the Monsoon.

  4. Are you suggesting that we encourage our long departed countrymen to return, and treat them as a minority deserving of reservations?

    Oops Nitin, why dont you teach us logical reasoning? I never realized my comment could lead to this inference. I dont know what to say, except “yes”, in the hope that the Jews are not going to come back to India and encash their reservation cheques.

  5. Sriram

    Logical reasoning in the context of reservations? Surely, you must be kidding! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. At least the JEWS dont need reservations. Otherwise they too would have been like their neighbours.

  7. Does anyone know that when Nazis came to power they restricted the percentage of jews in schoold, because according to them the percentage of jews (in school)was disproportionate to their percentage in population.

    This sounds similar to “affirmative action”/”positive discrimination”/bovine excreta to me.
    But then I am from air conditioned middle class, what do I know about plight of oppressed ?

  8. This is very much true that gujjars had ruled a large part opf south aisa during 1st to 13th century. We still have many gurjar kingdoms like samthar, jashpur, landhora etc.

    There was a time when evryone wanted to be called a gujars and it was matter of pride being a gujar. Today as well gujar are proud of their community and they proudly tell everyone that they are Gurjars by caste bacause unlike others they know their own history

    Gujjars always kept fighting against the invaders i.e arabs, moghals, turks and britishers. Due to this they had to leave their kingdom and villages, farms etc. They moved to Jungles and foothills, That made them a socially and educationally backward community.

    Thats why ther are demanding ST status as they believe that they need govt’s help to regain their past.


  9. Here is a link to Jesus in Kashmir. RS, what do you mean by “Otherwise they too would have been like their neighbours.”? You are not talking about people of TN, Karnataka or Orissa. Are you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Ashok,
    reservations are shortcut way to a secured future and if you ask me it is humiliating. If you guys are so brave why dont you fight your way to the top without govt’s help?

  11. RS, just nitpicking. In your earlier comment, you said Jews’ neighbours and not Israel’s neighbours. Going by Ms. Samyuktha’s theory, Jews are from AP ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Nitin, yes and pls change ‘fight’ to ‘compete’. It was lunch time and didnt give it a tought.

  13. Nitin,
    just noticed the time shown on this blog is behind IST…more like PST. What happened?

  14. Isn’t the whole Aryan Invasion Theory based on such analysis – few words that are common between European and Sanskrit based languages and a whole subject area began in imperial Britain and continues with departments and careers and livelihoods. And theories that anyone north of Vindhyas are invaders or tourists, and non-natives? Smthi. Samyuktha is following a time tested path. Neither the Indian Aryans or Jews know who they are until one makes a connection – however far fetched!

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