Any party you like. As long as it’s socialist (Dilip’s view)

Why you should’nt need to swear

Dilip D’Souza adds his perspective to the recent discourse over the conspicuous absence of a liberal political party.

[Here’s] the one that probably disturbs me most: the failure of the right to offer a credible alternative to the voter who goes to the polls. Not just in West Bengal, but all over this country.

As a believer in the promise of democracy first and above all, I long for the checks and balances of competing ideologies. Even if I disagree with some of them. For democracy means just this much – that all voices are heard and considered. Not necessarily that all ideas are followed, but that they are heard. That’s the vision, after all, of the great marketplace of ideas, all competing for public attention.

Yet for too long in this country, we heard only, or largely, the voice of the left. That’s why the ‘socialism’ that we enshrined in our Constitution. That’s why the peculiar tyranny that political parties in this country must swear by socialism if they want to be recognised. That much sworn, of course parties interpret that word as they wish. But where does that leave a rightist party that repudiates socialism, that even finds it repugnant, and wants to be true to itself – as we would want any party to be? What is such a party to do? [India Together/via Death Ends Fun]

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4 thoughts on “Any party you like. As long as it’s socialist (Dilip’s view)”

  1. For democracy means just this much – that all voices are heard and considered.

    A very expansive statement, if I may say so. I wonder if Modi’s voice was heard.

    The trick is to elevate the debate to a philosophical level whenever one is confronted with direct questions. I think Dilip D’Souza is a status quoist as far as most economic/policy related matters are concerned (when Congress is in power), in fact most of his recent articles strongly call for rejection of reformist measures and more fiscal measures.

  2. I wonder if Modi’s voice was heard.

    I wonder why anyone would believe that a CM of a large state, that too a man who has won a landslide election victory, his voice was not heard.

  3. Strange man.. this Dilip.. He is okay with parties which reject socialism..

    And later, he would vent his spleen if non-socialist parties come to power or take “anti-populist” measures

    Surprise.. surprise.. he even trashes Congress.. but wait – he says – “Yet in power, the BJP proved itself no less than a Congress clone, and in many ways even worse.” Does he mean to say that Congress is corrupt, but better than BJP because of Gujarat 2002 (How can a Dilip article be complete without any reference to Gujarat, Modi and Godhra… 🙂 )

    Never miss an attempt to trash the political opponents.. hehe..

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