Remember Bill Clinton’s mistake?

The new edition of Madeleine Albright’s book makes the correction

A new edition of Albright’s book was on the bookshelf. The cover announces a new afterword by the author. But it also has a small, but very important change—in Bill Clinton’s foreword. It reads

Clinton Foreword

It had originally appeared thus:

During my visit to India in 2000, some Hindu militants decided to vent their outrage by murdering thirty-eight Sikhs in cold blood. If I hadn’t made the trip, the victims would probably still be alive.

It’s a retraction without being one (‘angry radicals’ indeed, like the ones who flew those planes into the World Trade Center perhaps). You’d expect no less from Clinton. It’s still a satisfying feeling, no?

6 thoughts on “Remember Bill Clinton’s mistake?”

  1. Clinton is perhaps still thinking of a warped way by which he can defend his original statement. Afterall in his dictionary having oral sex does not amount to having sex. 🙂

  2. I’m sure it’s very satisfying. It must feel good to have made a former President change his words, no? Congrats!

  3. Another weapon in the arsenal of Indian trolls on Pakistani communities on orkut 😀

  4. Remember Bill Clinton announcing to the world after the ’98 nuclear tests that J&K was the most dangerous place on the planet. No matter how charming Bill Clinton gets and tries to redeem himself with his AIDS programs. Very few Indians should forgive him for that statement. He made that ridiculous comment while the Middle East was a boiling pot of terrorism and still continues to be to this day. Indian Americans should think twice before electing another Clinton to office. Getting to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom doesn’t dictate who you vote for. I don’t understand why so many Indian Americans are all ga-ga over Hillary Clinton. Raising money and making themselves likable to Madam Clinton. It’s the same crowd that now wants to elect a corrupt Pratibha Patil as president. I may not be appear as “eloquent” as the Clintons but I do know a thing or two about people like them.

  5. Whats the use of changing it now, after so much time? When most people have already read that “Hindu terrorists killed Sikhs in J&K”.

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