Uranium prospecting in Niger

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And here’s something interesting. A private Indian company has won exclusive mining rights in Niger, a country rich in uranium. It’s also not a member of the Nuclear Supplier Group cartel.

Taurian Resources Private Limited, Mumbai, a Rs. 300-crore company, has recently won a contract which gives it exclusive rights over 3,000 sq. km. of the Sahara Desert known to be rich in deposits of uranium. According to the estimates of the Managing Director of the company, Sachin Bajla, the area is likely to hold at least 30,000 tonnes of uranium which, he says, “should be enough to meet India’s requirement for the next 1,000 years” Against huge odds, Taurian won a permit to search for uranium in the Arlit region of Niger for an undisclosed amount. [The Hindu]

It’s possible that some will snigger and point to some behind-the-scenes involvement by India. That’s possible. But such a view discounts the talent Indians have for the good old “export-import” business.

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  1. the talent Indians have for the good old “export-import” business

    And I must add that this talent is entirely homegrown 😀

  2. Nitin:

    Great news! But, I suggest we wait for a little while before going ahead with celebrations. If its something genuinely important, we will hear a lot more about this one. Try and keep an eye on the French media for this. The story has just begun…

    Thanks once again for highlighting it.

  3. If being quick on the uptake is any indicator, Indian media is about 3 months too late. The May 15 issue of “Global Mining” had already carried this news (pdf link) crediting it to Reuters.

    I don’t think N. Ram’s masters count on him for such information 🙂

    But the timing of this news item in the Indian media makes one wonder..

  4. B.O.K.

    Point conceded. The actual Reuters report is of 12 May. See link

    “A total of 23 permits were granted to three Canadian firms, three British firms and an Indian company, enabling them to explore in the former French colony’s Arlit and Tchirozerine regions, vast swathes of land in the southern Sahara desert.

    Canada’s Southampton Ventures Inc, Delta Exploration Inc and UraMin Inc., Britain’s COJ Commodity Investments Ltd., Agadez Ltd. and Indo Energy Ltd., and India’s Taurian Resources Pvt Ltd. between them pledged to invest some $55 million in exploration activities over the next three years.

    It hopes rising demand from fast-industrialising China, to whom it granted a series of exploration licences last July, means the industry will be sustainable in the medium-term.”

    Let us look at the security situation, rebels in the region and the French and Chinese meddling in it as well. See link

    A UN peace keeping mission could well be on the way, if things don’t go as per French plans.

  5. BOK & Pragmatic,

    Was too busy on a Sunday to look behind the headlines—indeed, it can’t be a coincidence that this story made it to the press at this time.

    While economic management of resource wealth is always the weakest point of many governments, at least the Nigeriens are making an effort to inject buyer diversity. But someone needs to tell them trading France’s influence for China’s is not that good a deal.

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