Mr Advani sees the light

The real Opposition on the India-US nuclear deal

This is what the BJP should have done two weeks ago. Better late than never.

In a dramatic turnaround, the BJP today distanced itself from the Left over the Indo-US nuclear deal with Leader of Opposition L K Advani saying that his party has no objection to the 123 Agreement if the government amends the Indian Atomic Energy Act to ensure strategic independence and non-hindrance in reactor fuel supplies. [IE]

Indeed, fixing the Atomic Energy Act is just one of the things that needs to be done. (More on this in a subsequent post)

10 thoughts on “Mr Advani sees the light”

  1. This is a good move to bring relevance to the Parliament in this affair. Brahma Chellaney has rightfully contended that Manmohan Singh’s problem stems from his strategy of keeping the parliament out of the equation. While the US Congress can add riders to the agreement, Indian Parliament can only receive information from the PM.


  2. Nitin:

    I am sorry, I disagree and I have have my doubts. There is no change of heart. The views can change again as easily if the government were to fall because of this deal. It is Mr. Advani and BJP at their best doublespeak.

    How can his and party’s views change so suddenly? Just because Karat says that will not vote alongside the BJP to bring down this government. By making such statements (alongside the earlier one on Jinnah), Mr. Advani might be trying to garner the centrist and liberal space in the NDA; but he only ends up in showing his deep disconnect from the party and its controllers at Nagpur. I really wonder how much acceptance his own views have in the party. What are the RSS’ views? Brijesh Mishra (in the latest issue of the Outlook magazine) and Sudheendra Kulkarni (in his IE column) continue to explain the reasons for BJP’s opposition to the deal. Sadly, both of them say that we should not antagonise China! What next – don’t antagonise Pakistan, hand over Kashmir etc. I hate to mention this but these are the guys whose hands are soaked with blood from Kargil and Kandahar. The BJP (and the Congress) are not the custodians of national security or larger national interest, but only a coterie of self-serving small time politicians, indulging in issuing pompous statements. Don’t be naive by trusting Mr. Advani now. His past betrays his current change of heart.

    Along with the commies, we can’t forgive the BJP for its self-centred and short-term views on matters of grave national interest. They need to be rightly lambasted for playing dirty and letting the nation down. Mr Advani’s sudden change of heart notwithstanding, the nation is not going to forget and forgive them so easily.

  3. Pragmatic,

    Not to nit pick too much, but you have damned Congress, BJP and Communists in your comment. Now if you want public not to “forgive” them, who are they going to vote for ?

  4. Pragmatic,

    Can’t disagree with you. What I meant was that this was the line of opposition to take…rather, that it should have taken.

    Btw, on further reading, it appears that the context of Mr Advani’s remarks is that the Indian Act must be amended to be something like America’s Hyde Act. That’s absurd, but may offer a way out to the BJP (and the Left) who’ve gotten stranded on the wrong side, with each other for company.

    But he’s right that the Atomic Energy Act must be amended—so that it can liberalise the generation and transmission of atomic power. (As I said, more in the next post)

  5. Nitin,

    Hailing from the land of Netaji and Behenji, I would rather not have politicians from “gangetic belt” inflicted on rest of India. 😐

  6. Hirok,

    Was that before or after the BJP—through Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie—issued strident criticism.

    If Advani’s position was the BJP’s position, then one is left to wonder what the hoopla was all about.

  7. sigh, Bloggers and the Indian English media will never stop this “cashew nut” behavior. (In Tamil, any guy who jumps to conclusion and makes immature comments is called a Cashew Nut!) BJP has been consistently saying that it has objections about the Hyde Act and the governments reluctance to discuss its concerns in parliament. Can Nitin or anyone else give me a single link where BJP has said that they oppose the nuclear deal and would vote against it?

    Its the India’s famously uneducated media who clubbed BJP’s opposition with that of the Left. The political instability which this confusion created was in BJP’s interests and hence they used it.

  8. Dear Balaji,

    Since the BJP is in the business of selling its ideas to the people, I think they need to sack their PR and media relations people.

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