Sunday Levity: No self-respecting intelligence agency can do without these

Indian Jewish Mossad agents who steal lines from INI and other stories

Aadisht Khanna writes that “the book violates all the unities. There is no unity of place. The plot jumps from Shillong to Madras to Dubai to Ireland to the NWFP. There isn’t unity of characters either. Characters are brought in, given dialogue that sounds like an Indian National Interest blogpost, and then disappear, never to be seen again.” He’s talking about Tarbela Damned – Pakistan Tamed, a new book that he just can’t not love.

The book deals with the coming together of the Indian Intelligence services (RAW), and the Mossad of Israel, with help from the Irish Republican Army, to strike at one of Pakistan’s most prestigious and sensitive structures, the Tarbela Dam…this (made)possible because an Indian Jew who after graduating from IIT Madras, emigrates to Israel to join the Mossad, teams up with his schoolmate, now an officer in RAW. The two men have been deeply influenced by their teacher in school, the Irishman, Brother Manahan, who has inculcated in them a sense of admiration and empathy with the IRA.” [From the book’s dust jacket]

The book claims to be a work of fiction. This, in the considered opinion of The Acorn spoils the fun. No self-respecting intelligence agency can do without sympathetic memoirs, unauthorised exposés, co-existing allegations of incompetence and high interference in foreign countries and of course—conspiracy theories, the wierder the better.

The subcontinent is witnessing a broader trend of wrongly classifying books that should be nipped in the bud.

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  1. Characters are brought in, given dialogue that sounds like an Indian National Interest blogpost

    ok. i’am now confused. Is that a compliment or not a compliment?? [:(]

  2. Chandra,

    I would be happy if this particular author does a full review of INI rather than pass a tongue in cheek comment in the middle when tackling a different subject altogether :).

  3. Dear blogmaster(Chandra),
    I am the author of TARBELA DAMNED. Have you read it? Could you review it in your usual humourous/typical entertaining style?

    Are you an IITian?



  4. thanks mr anand to remove all my confussions cleared , why jinnah made pakistan , why iqbal talked of 2 nation theory, i was always confused why but ur latent hatered has come out in ur work, i m also reading the feed back coming from ur fellow indians on this great art of work which reflects true hindu mentality, thanks for waking us up from indo pak friendship lul— thanks again for telling the whole world for exposing the true terroists on globe raw and mosad— man ur work has convinced me that hindus and muslim can not live together and very soon u ll c india also burning in same fire— its just a decade away — u gonna c something interesting soon on indian street

    musharaf has been the most pro indian ruler we ever had and thats a great slap on his indian freindly policies or all the indo pak friendship chanters here and accross the boarders– man ur book has made me love and protect my country more
    u r great pa g

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