Now they’re even repeating old speeches

For those who suspected that the UPA government is blindly following a dated foreign policy formulation, here’s proof: Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee read out a four month old speech on the ‘Look East’ policy!

Forget fresh thinking. There’s not even fresh talk from Pranab Mukherjee

As if to confirm the criticism leveled against the UPA government for having a foreign policy independent of facts on the ground, comes this report (via The Rational Fool).

Industry captains and journalists in the northeast were numbed into silence Sunday when External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee read out almost verbatim a written speech on India’s ‘Look East’ policy that he delivered four months ago. [Earthtimes]

As usual there were pundits at hand to engage in post facto rationalisation. Perhaps there was nothing else he could think of, goes the defence. Why, that only compounds Mr Mukherjee’s fault. For there has been a big change in the last four months that’s worth, shall we say, talking about.

2 thoughts on “Now they’re even repeating old speeches”

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  2. Nitin,

    hmm… Pranab is a funny guy alright!

    But I think you are overreacting to the events in Burma. There is no evidence to suggest that Burma is ripe for a revolution. I don’t think the Monks, Political activists and the people are in sync.

    Monks are out protesting for some clumsy demands like release of fellow monks. They don’t even want the civilians to join. Aung San Su Ki and her supporters may not even have the energy to push things over the edge. Civilians remain largely clueless about what is happening there.

    I guess the cardinal role of diplomacy should be “don’t bet on a losing horse”. True, India should eventually help secure democracy in Burma. But supporting a largely uncoordinated uprising will only make us lose our bridges with the Junta, handover the initiative to China and potentially even harm the Burmese people (if the Junta mercilessly crushes this latest protest and claims that the resistance was always a work of jobless activists and has had no popular support).

    Anyway, the Junta has sent out feelers for Aung San Su Ki. Lets see if anything comes out of that.

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