Dear Dr Manmohan Singh, please resign

Don’t shatter the illusions of hundreds of millions of people who overlook the follies of your government because they take your sincerity at face value. Please resign, and through the manner of your exit, prove your critics—The Acorn among them—wrong.

…and use your last chance to retain your reputation for integrity

Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

The charitable explanation of your record as prime minister is that you were hobbled by a coalition with the Communists, constrained by cynical communal socialists of the Congress party, compelled to tolerate incompetents and criminals in your Cabinet and that you were only a Lorem Ipsum for the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Nevertheless, you yourself are a man of integrity.

Your record is miserable. The India-US nuclear deal was to be a redeeming feature of your term. But that too has been sacrificed—not because you weighed in on the side of those who felt this was against India’s long-term interests, but because your government lost to the Communists in a game of chicken.

Don’t shatter the illusions of hundreds of millions of people who overlook the follies of your government because they take your sincerity at face value. Please resign, and through the manner of your exit, prove your critics—The Acorn among them—wrong.

14 thoughts on “Dear Dr Manmohan Singh, please resign”

  1. Once a puppet, always a puppet. MM Singh is just a puppet of a dynasty that wants to rule India forever. Even Kings of yore did not have such dynastial ambitions.

    A law needs to be passed barring children/families of politicians from public office. Why should India suffer the same thugs from generation to generation ? Look at Karnataka, the medically insane certified Deve Gowda and his son think the state is theirs.

  2. In a different context, it was said of Emperor Jahangir that he “tumbled into life, fumbled through it and stumbled out of it”.

    Mr. Cling-on Singh, tumbled into the PM’s office, has fumbled through it and maybe will like Abe, soon stumble out of it!

  3. From what I have heard, [anecdotally from senior bureaucrats ], Mrs.Prime Minister [Singh not Gandhi] has accumulated significant wealth, pushed up by a coterie of loyal sevaks, who were brought to 10 Race Course Road from her ancestral village in Punjab.
    And, Manmohan is aware of this, allegedly.

  4. Arun Shourie gave us an eminently quotable quote. He said of MM Singh: “his lasting legacy will be to give good men a bad name”.

  5. Nitin,
    I think that you are under a wrong impression.

    The primary function of Dr Singh is not to serve as a honest face to a dishonest and corrupt government. Experience has shown that the Indian voter really does not care for or reward honesty.

    The primary function of Dr Singh is to be non-threatening prime minister. One who has no personal ambitions and cannot have any personal ambitions of his own. He is just a regent, until the real king i.e. Rahul Gandhi is ready to ascend the throne.

    That he is personally honest is just a side effect and even did not change the composition of his cabinet.

  6. I doubt he has the courage to resign. I applaud the Congress coterie which has chosen him as the perfect puppet who has no voice of his own. Nothing can push this man to stand up for himself. Any self-respecting politician would not take this treatment in the hands of Communists. I really pity him for pushing himself into this quagmire. I hope the voters in Bengal and Kerala see how national interest is being severely undermined by these ideologues.

  7. MMS is not even elected by voters. I feel ashamed to call him PM of my country.

    1.The way his government allowed western Disney Company to take over a publisher of historical indian mythologies and content(remember comic book “ChandaMama”??), now its under the western company.

    Soon they will remove indian short-stories and put western stories in kids comics, so after 15 years, you will see chanting western rhymes and forget our historic collection of stories like Tenali-Raman and all.

    2. The way SoniaG killed the nuclear deal by talking too much in Himachal election rally, directly attacking Left. It was totally meaningful. A politically shrewd person put his mouth shut. She is experienced enough to know what was going to happen. So she spoke and it angered Left and whatever window was there when El-baradi came to India, that day, closed immediately as Left issued ultimatum not to talk with him.

    Vajpayee was one of best PM we had. Thanks to him, we got through santions period bravely and even developed a lot of nuclear technology in last 6 years of his period.

    MMS is just killing domestic nuclear R&D climate and funding by inviting american biggies here.

    3. Solution is open nuclear R&D sector to Indian private companies. thats it! MMS is not dumb to know this.

    4. Real problem of MMS is he dont believe in “capabilities” of “indian nuclear scientists”. MARK my words. He has said it openely.

  8. Actually, he thinks India used tobe a tribalistic civilization with no culture.

    He thinks Britishers came and civilized us.

    Now, we cant expect such person to trust one Indian’s capabilities.

    He runs to WEST for every problem, because we indians cant do it outself! (be it nuclear R&D or even funding home-grown Retail-Chain-Model instead of asking Walmart to come and save our sorry ass!)

    Ok, i am done enough.. cant go on..
    I am out.

    Take care guys.

  9. It is all about staying in power, nobody cares about nuclear power. Suckers, true suckers.

  10. Yesterday the Chinese were all hush about supporting us at the NSG for this deal. Tommorow will be different though, now I’m sure we’ll have their complete support.

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