Weekday Squib: A Maltese threat

Some international organisations get funnier with age

Scrapping the Commonwealth will save the world some money and a lot of embarrassment. It’s toothless. But it would might have a shred of credibility if it had some principles.

The Maltese foreign minister, who famously formulated a tough but calibrated response to the Fijian problem last year, by leading CMAG to suspend Fiji after the military coup warned that “General Musharraf would be wrong to ignore what the Commonwealth is saying”. [TOI]

To complete the squib, here’s something from Wikipedia:

For all their diminutive size, Maltese also seem, for the most part, to be without fear. In fact, many Maltese seem relatively indifferent to creatures/objects larger than themselves…[Wikipedia]

2 thoughts on “Weekday Squib: A Maltese threat”

  1. if commonwealth was so insignificant why do you think General Musharraf was so keen to join it after Pakistan was expelled from it after the military coup? I guess a group a big as Commonwealth has some importance in world affairs although it may be symbolic most of the time. By this logic sometimes even the United Nation seems toothless most of the time.

  2. Dictators crave legitimacy. Musharraf spends a lot of money on getting good press in America. Doesn’t mean the New York Times has some importance in world affairs.

    The Commonwealth provides some development assistance. Not sure how much Musharraf values that.

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