Weekend Mood: Prime Minister Govardhan Brown

The Uncleji from the excellent Goodness Gracious Me would have approved:

Welcoming the Prime Minister to the multi-party reception attended by over 100 MPs and 200 community leaders to celebrate the Hindu festival of light, Ramesh Kallidai, secretary general of the [Hindu] Forum of Britain said, “One of the meanings of the word ‘Gordon’ in Gaelic is a ‘hill with meadows’ . But in Sanskrit, the sacred language of the Hindus, we have a word for this too. It is a name for Lord Krishna, and it also refers to a sacred hill, called ‘Govardhan’. We would therefore like to welcome you as an honorary member of our community, not as Gordon Brown, but as Govardhan Brown.” [Pickled Politics]

Gaelic, as we all know, is only a branch of Sanskrit.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Mood: Prime Minister Govardhan Brown”

  1. Kallidai is a genius. 🙂

    If Hari can become Harry and Anand can be called Andy, why not Gordon as Govardhan?

  2. Oldtimer,

    Arjun Singh s/o Bhim Singh s/o Dasrath Singh got it wrong when he put it eloquently, “Bhairon becomes Baron and Baron becomes Bhairon because their minds are very narrow”

  3. Gotta hand it to Ramesh Kallidai. That man always gets the bestest ideas to get the press eating outa his hand. If he hadn’t given Gordon Brown the Hindu name, they wouldnt have had 18,000 websites covering their Diwali event (yeah – go to Google and search for ‘Goverdhan Brown’ in quotes). Plus look at the timing – two months before Goverdhan goes to India, he gets his Hindu name splashed on the front page of every major Indian broadsheet! Kallidai really is a PR phenomenon, and someone needs to acknowledge his genius.

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