The profound American president

The things you need to say in the interests of your country

It’s President Bush’s turn now:

In an astonishing defense of the now widely-reviled dictator, Bush told ABC News in an interview at his Camp David retreat: “So far I’ve found him to be a man of his word. He’s done more for democracy in Pakistan than any other modern leader has.” [TOI]

You might not have caught it, but that’s rather profound. So profound that interpreting it in language fit for the entire family is impossible.

What a time for General Musharraf. Here he was talking about enlightened moderation and root causes of terrorism the last few years, and all he got was calls to “do more” on this and that. No sooner does he impose martial law, jail politicians and lawyers, crack down on peaceful protestors and set free some really bad jihadis than, suddenly, the Indian foreign secretary absolves him of involvement in cross-border terrorism and the American president says he’s saving democracy. It is a mad, mad, mad, world indeed.

Update: Amit Varma’s take, in today’s Mint.

3 thoughts on “The profound American president”

  1. Perhaps not so mad. Now has Gen. Mush promised to do more? – allowing securing weapons and cross border attacks? – imagine what Bush got in return for the praise (I really doubt MEA got anything in return, although killing JeT is helpful – they may just be doing US State Dept’s bidding).

  2. I had heard that Bush was well read in history, oh may be not. Atleast for once, he has put a coherent sentence at one go.

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