Uttar Pradesh has been attacked. But the Left is busy trying to project itself as a defender of the Muslim community.

Uttar Pradesh attacked

A series of bombings occurs in three cities in Uttar Pradesh state. Those who carried it off demonstrate the strength of their organisation and the extent of their capabilities. Not only do the attacks fit a pattern that suggests the hand of Muslim groups, the targets—local courts—suggest that the perpetrators could be avenging the treatment meted out to alleged Jaish-e-Mohammed operatives. And a group called ‘Indian mujahideen’ accepts responsibility for carrying out the attack. [Update: More about these local boys]

And Communist party leaders blame this on intelligence failure, demand stern punishment for the perpetrators and warn that “the investigation in all these three incidents should not be ‘one-track’ “!

The Communists are completing what the terrorists started: for what was the purpose of using an English name which explicitly uses the term adjective ‘Indian’ if not to drive home the point that it was a local job. The Communists might be trying to portray themselves again as protectors of the Muslim community after the reality of Nandigram laid bare the hollowness their previous claims. But they are neither helping nor fooling anyone by attempting to muddy the waters.

The Uttar Pradesh police were basking in the glow of their having foiled a conspiracy to kidnap Rahul Gandhi. The terrorists pooped their party and reminded everyone that India’s counter-terrorism efforts are merely scratching the surface.

If the UPA government’s pussyfooting on counter-terrorism was due to electoral calculations with an eye on the Muslim vote bank, here’s something for Congress Party strategists to think about: terrorist attacks across India are making security an aam aadmi electoral issue. Muslims are not likely to relish a situation where bombs go off every now and then putting them on the defensive. Conspiracy theories too are subject to diminishing returns; and one attack too many—as we have seen in the last couple of years—could cause a secular demand for security.

Update: Another one-track!

And what is the BJP’s response? Well, to call a bandh of course! As if disrupting normal life was not something the terrorists would have wanted. Every party is into the terrorists’ hands.

Update 2: A more positive response by the BJP

5 thoughts on “One-track?”

  1. Communists incessantly crow about their non-communal credentials, but in reality they–and Congress–are the biggest communalists in India. They continue to treat the Muslim community with kid gloves, isolate them in ghettos by letting them have Muslim law (much of which is contrary to India’s secular nature). Communinist and Congress are a bunch of pseudo-secularists. These bombings are a result of this thinking.

  2. the investigations should not be one-tracked. that means don’t investigate only the islamic jehadi organizations for the blasts.
    5 minutes before the blast, email was sent announcing the blasts in the name of islamic jihad. but everybody knows that this is the work of the rss. rss workers routinely use bomb blasts to terrorize civilians. one such case in which they were caught red-handed was in nanded in which thousands were killed or injured. and the malegaon/mecca-masjid blasts were clearly the handiwork of rss. but you might say the cbi enquiry has arrested bangladeshi jihadists in these particular cases. well there is clear explanation for all of this including the email…rss workers temporarily convert to islam and do these blasts to defame muslims. no muslim can be involved in terror attacks, because….islam is a religion of peace.
    IF you believe the above logic, CONGRATS! — you can be a sickularist in india. then you wonder, what can i do after i become a sickularist?…well follow the lead of the PM himself. call a riot in which 800 people died a holocaust(equivalent to 6 million jews killed), don’t care to commemorate the mumbai blast train victims(200 killed 1000 injured) because during that time you are busy losing sleep over doctor being detained for less than 30 days or more recently give a visa to a hapless woman author, but fail to provide security to her as she flees across north india in the dead of winter. the list is endless actually and am quite sure the sickularists of india well earn greater and greater glory in the coming days…

  3. What would a law like POTA achieve, when the law enforcement agencies are largely clueless abt the various attacks till now?
    It would act like a balm for the breast-beating types and another cause for resentment towards the police for the aam admi.

  4. What most people probably missed is appreciating the anger and spirit of lawyers and the judicial community(which is otherwise quoted mostly for wrong reasons), for being sincerely-unpolitical and reasonably justified in their determination against terrorism.

    I expected(wrongly of course) the first few statements from our politicians to be brave messages to terrorists that could serve at least as motivation for our counter-terror agencies. Pity!

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