Under the King’s protection

It’s nice to have a friend like King Abdullah

It would be hard for any Pakistani government to turn back a guest who arrived on the King of Saudi Arabia’s personal aircraft. But flying Nawaz Sharif on a royal plane was also good public diplomacy. The Saudis had taken a beating in some Pakistani minds after it became clear that they connived in Sharif recent expulsion on America’s bidding.

But the Saudi assistance to Nawaz Sharif goes beyond merely providing him a ride home. Swaraaj Chauhan at the Moderate Voice reports that “Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has gifted to Sharif two bulletproof Mercedes cars and also lent a helicopter for use during the elections from his personal fleet.”

Nawaz Sharif might not win the coming election. The Saudis have won, again.

5 thoughts on “Under the King’s protection”

  1. Top-flight gutter entertainment this 🙂
    I’ll get off my dispassionate high-horse and admit that the news from Pakistan is best reality show yet.

    Nitin: wonder what a referendum in Kashmir (including POK) would lead to, given the Pureland implosion.

  2. libertarian,

    Indeed, that was exactly what I was thinking about this morning; albeit from another angle. Don’t the events prove the point of those who argue that a Kashmir that secedes would look like today’s Swat, Parachinar etc.

  3. … a Kashmir that secedes would look like today’s Swat, Parachinar …

    Quite. Imagining Srinagar as another Peshawar is quite unappetizing.

  4. The Saudi King’s plane will likely ferry Musharraf back to the kingdom, where he will live out the rest of his days, scheming, sipping scotch and writing memoirs.

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