The curious case of Mr Pal’s stolen laptop

“The butler did it!”

On the evening of November 12-13, Mr Pal and his wife were out of town. His house was in a well-guarded, well-watched part of town. In addition, it was quite likely that Mr Pal’s employers had their own security officers at the house.

Yet, his house was burgled some time between 8:30 to 9pm, after two expatriate staff members had stepped out of the house for an errand. Curiously, the burglers stole only his briefcase and a laptop computer. Nothing else.

Mr Pal complained to the local police, who are investigating. Meanwhile Mr Pal’s employers believe that it was an ‘inside’ job, with Mr Pal’s local employees as key suspects.

This is a true story. Mr Satyabrata Pal is India’s High Commissioner to Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “The curious case of Mr Pal’s stolen laptop”

  1. Hi,
    I thought this was a sunday levity story, with the reference to Mr. Pai (for Nitin Pai) instead of Mr. Pal. You got me!

  2. It’s not getting better either for the hosts. Armed robbers broke in to the home of the advisor to Pakistan’s national security council, held people at gunpoint, and took his valuables.

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