Action for the Republic: Fund a child’s education

Give to the School Choice campaign

Centre for Civil Society’s School Voucher Program will award vouchers to 9400 primary school students across India. Each voucher worth upto INR 6000 will fund one child’s education in the school of their choice for a year. The voucher will be given until they complete their primary education from their preferred school. [Read more at School Choice]

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You can donate online using PayPal. Every dollar/rupee counts. Education is without doubt the most important factor that will affect India’s future. Go ahead and do your bit.

8 thoughts on “Action for the Republic: Fund a child’s education”

  1. Hey, I would like to donate to this charity. Do you know anything about the organization. Is it reputable, honest?

  2. Patel,

    I know a couple of individuals personally who have worked with this organisation and I’m impressed by them. I have put up this link because, in my assessment, this organisation is worth giving to.

  3. And I should add that you can directly fund the school voucher; in other words your money doesn’t go towards running the campaign, but entirely to the recipient.

    Of course you can fund the campaign if you like.

  4. The paypal option does not seem to be linked to the voucher but hope it is used for the same purpose and helps some child for his/her education. I never would have known about this campaign other than ur blog.

  5. Vijay,

    The paypal link on the page linked to is for school vouchers. If you would like to re-confirm this, you can send them an email at this address

  6. Thanks Nitin for drawing the attention of people to school choice campaign and the School Voucher Program in Delhi. And of course for your personal endorsement to Patel and support to school vouchers. Vijay, the money through PayPal goes to school vouchers only. If you like, we would link your support to a particular student and you would get regular updates about that student.

    A NGO in Sundarban (WB) on hearing the idea of school vouchers decided to appeal to the community to give money to sponsor vouchers for the very poor and out of school children. The power of the school voucher and thereby school choice for the poor is really spreading to the remotest areas of India.

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