Gross asymmetry in the public space

China can shape Indian politics. India can’t return favour

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) (the Naxalites in common parlance) and its above ground sympathisers; Prakash Karat and the “Left” front; The Hindu (at least its editorial board); various NGOs—there a so many in India that bat for China.

Who speaks for India on the Northern side of the Himalayas?

(That this doesn’t startle anyone is the really startling bit.)

3 thoughts on “Gross asymmetry in the public space”

  1. Can you provide more details (or past links) on why you believe “leftists” are “sympathetic” to naxals? What is the extent of sympathy? And how do you get the idea that they all “bat for China”? Details might be good, then I could rationally discuss.

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