The verdict on reservations and its implications

Five year reviews and creamy layer exclusions

Lex blogger Ninad Laud was at the Supreme Court when it gave its verdict on the reservations for OBCs in higher education. Head over to his blog for the details.

The implications of the verdict, he says, are:

Caste based reservations are to stay in educational institutions but minus the creamy layer. The silver lining in this verdict is the scope for review every 5 years. Thus whenever (if and when) we have the political will, a difference could be made to make these reservations meaningful rather than rendering them a mere political gimmick.

Let’s hope the political will does emerge some day!

8 thoughts on “The verdict on reservations and its implications”

  1. Make “reservations meaningful”? How can anyone make an oxymoron meaningful? The 5-year review is silly at best. Why would a mere five years of reservation in select institutions of learning change whatever that’s supposed to be the result of thousands of years of caste based discrimination? Hell, it’s not even sufficient for a new generation to emerge from those who benefited from the caste based reservation. The reviews will simply encourage political shenanigans every five years. Perhaps doles to septuagenarian and octogenarian politicians, bureaucrats, and judges in the infinite sequence of review committees at the tax payers’ expense, nothing more, nothing less!

  2. Dear Rational Fool,

    If the United States knows how to smell an opportunity, it will now increase the number of visas.

  3. Nitin:

    There are no quantitative limits on the number of student visas to the US as far as I know. So, pack your bags and leave, kids, if you expect to miss the cut off by 0.01! Act now, the way things are going on in India, the dollar won’t be falling against the rupee for too long.

    I have been intending to write Hillary, McCain, and Obama for a while – like some other articles that I have been intending to write for a while 😉 – about this as a solution to the aging problem in the US. Perhaps, this will spur me to get on it now 🙂

  4. With the extension of the post-graduation practical training period from 12 months to 29 months and the near certainty of an immigrant friendly McCain winning in November this year, it may be the right time for good students to leave India immediately after high school. Let the shysters like Paul Dinakaran and his Karunya “University”, Arjun Singh and his factotums, and Anbumani Ramadoss and his wreckers run Indian institutions into the ground. In the meanwhile apologists like TA Abinandanan at IISc and UK Anand at IIT-B can spin and delude themselves all they want. India won’t be the first modern nation state to have squandered the opportunity to progress twice over (the 1st was the misguided “socialist” dispensation announced at Avadi in 1955, and the 2nd one now). Mexico, Central and South America all had thrown off the colonial yoke early in the 19th century but took the better part of two centuries to achieve some stability. Liberia too has been through a full circle and is now clawing back into sanity under President Johnson-Sirleaf. Let’s hope either Mayavati or Modi becomes PM in the not too distant future. Or else all bets are off.

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