4 thoughts on “Some headlines do tell a story”

  1. The UPA Government is a disgrace. It is almost as if they haven’t pledged allegiance to India but rather to themselves and their lust for power while selling out the country and her brave soldiers.

    – Sri

  2. We have to be careful not to subtly agree that IMs (Indian Muslims) can be subjected to collective punishment for the actions of a few based on vague perceptions that they remain soft collaboraters/ sympathizers etc.

    That said, the seemingly deliberate inaction on part of GoI to take some logical, not-too-controversial measures such as strengthening the legal framework to prosecute terror, fast track courts dedicated to terrorism cases, and a pan-India ‘apolitical’ investigative body dedicated to terrorism cases, going slow on obviously flawed schemes like the samjhauta express and now the moitry express, not keeping celebrities like afzal guru alive etc are inching towards renwed collective punishment for all of india’s citizenry.

    Obviously, something is happening behind the scenes and sarkar has more info than aam aadmi (it should, at least!).

    I simply wish the present dispensation inspired more confidence through word and deed that it is serious and concerned and will go the extra mile for citizenry’s sake. Failing that, let it not worsen matters, let it do nothing (as it has on the infrastructure front) than perpetrate this sham of ‘reaching out’ to Papistan.

    Anyway, we janta elected this sarkar. So we’re getting what we voted for. Why crib? Grin and bear, onlee.(:-O)

  3. hmm.. You have captured a problem and its solution in a single image…

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