Incitement to murder

…must be punished

There is an urgent need to crack down hard on ‘leaders’ (especially in Uttar Pradesh) who issue public calls for assassination.

In the Gurjjar stronghold of Sarsawa in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district, Akhil Bharatiya Gurjjar Mahasabha president Chaudhary Virendra Singh has put Rs 5 crore reward on Vasundhara Raje’s head. “The Rajasthan CM is a murderer, responsible for the death of innocent activists,” said Singh. [IE]

The reporter’s next question is truly bizarre.

When asked as to who would arrange for a sum as hefty as Rs 5 crore, Singh claimed that the entire community would collect money to reward “the brave man who would behead her”. [IE]

8 thoughts on “Incitement to murder”

  1. I think it is high time the government of India took some action. This whole thing is becoming regular enough that its normality should be acknowledged by having a ministry in the government which would frame proper regulation and oversee the industry. I propose that they have frame the right tax codes. For instance, people would like to know what the tax rate is for income arising from rewards earned from murdering people?

    And will I get a tax write-off if I contribute to the collection that Mr Singh is proposing?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  2. Atanu,

    Unless you can frame your question in terms of social justice or the aam admi your question will not be considered valid.

  3. I wonder if they have a net connection in the hinterlands of UP to access Acorn and Deesha. Black humour, pathos… sad

    On a related note, removing Mrs. Raje at this moment might help in diffusing the political situation. The pro-jat stance and social justice for that community [by classifying them as backward] to win the assembly elections five years ago, has come to haunt her now. Those who hailed her strategy then should be held guilty for short-term gains over long-term social and economic stability.

    With the political factionalism in Rajasthan BJP [Raje versus Jaswant & others] at its worst, this seems to be the only way out for the BJP as well. Else, they will suffer in Haryana and western UP as well.

  4. If there is a law to punish incompetence, most in the 24×7 channels would be in line for capital punishment.

  5. Pragmatic,

    The problem is not simply factionalism within the rajasthan BJP of Jaswant Singh vs. Raje. Jaswant’s son is now (I am 99% sure) fronting for the father and in cahoots with the elephant in the kitchen that everyone is missing – Sachin Pilot.


    This entire Gujar tamasha began over year ago when Sachin Pilot realised that he faces the prospect of delimitation in his constituency of Dausa, with it being reserved for an ST candidate. About the same time Jaswant who after years of being a legislative non-entity is now a political non-entity as well, decided to give himself one last try and began to foment dissidence within the Rajasthan BJP. Now as we all know the BJP can manage allies but not dissidence, while for the Congress it is the other way round. Sadly Jaswant Singh in the tradition of Uma Bharati or Kalyan Singh has decided the best way to unseat Raje and make way for his son is to undermine his own party. The BJP should take a stand here and either bring its dissidents to heel as in Karnataka or leave its state chief to sort out the matter as he best sees fit – as in Gujarat. A wishy-washy half way solution as in MP is undesirable, and the road thereon will be like what happened in UP. Another decision point is coming up in Bihar, and this time another sterling partyman Sushil Modi is in trouble. In all cases the BJP should leave its state chiefs to sort the matter out. Anything less will be a road to disaster.

  6. Thank you, Mr Rational Fool. You are rational but no fool.

    Nitin, as you can see, my middle name is “Social Justice for Aam Aadmi”. Always on the lookout for the aam aadmi. In fact, I can very well be the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party if there is ever such a party.

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