Police-public partnership in Surat

How a city beat the terrorists

No less than 18 bombs were discovered and defused in Surat. That’s nothing short of an amazing achievement. It happened because citizens and the police force enjoyed a relationship that made it possible for the city to react quickly (linkthanks Swami Iyer). Now there is something that needs to be investigated further.

The chief of the city’s police force, R.M.S. Brar, lauded residents for taking the lead in providing information to investigators that resulted in the recovery of 18 live bombs from 10 locations, most of them around the diamond hub of Varachha.

The people in turn believe the police should be given credit for succeeding, so far, in averting a tragedy and saving innocent lives, unlike in Ahmedabad where a series of 16 explosions on Saturday killed dozens.
[Calcutta Telegraph]

5 thoughts on “Police-public partnership in Surat”

  1. And suddenly the islamic terrorists turned stupid! May be our ever alert home minister/prime taxi-driver knew where the bombs were!! Luck and courage indeed.

  2. Doesn’t it sound too convenient to find as many live Bombs for few days without finding any links to perpetrator? May be an exercise in public consolation, though 3-4 for bombs have been usual in such cases. With 18, it’s difficult to imagine what’s truth.

  3. Like finance in NY, Varachha is tightly knit, highly networked hub of diamond trading/polishing in Surat. News and rumors actually spread like wild fires here. Some very powerful behind-the-scenes people in Gujarat (maybe India) operate from here. A paradise for someone doing a unique case study of the industry. Like Wall St., hierarchies are well defined and most of the business runs on trust.

  4. RMS Brar, IPS, a Sikh from Punjab policing Surat, fluently in Gujarati, Samir Vyas, IAS, a Gujarati, terror of Tuticorin, who organised the police and bureaucracy to clean up the port and the city, P. Rajendran, BSF, from TN, who polices the Valley and knows the footprint of every terrorist by heart. Such is the stuff India’s diverse administrative frame is made of. True, it fails and it does. But when it works, it has no parallel. We have all the resources we need, if only we managed them better.

  5. Dear sir
    The police shut off the zhampa bazar at 11pm but they doesnt know that the bazar continues in zhampa bazar streets like taiyabi mohalla and saifee mohalla and kikabai street and etc because the romer boys comes from the bazaar and sits here and there in streets and make a lot of noice and nusence in street, causinng this the street livers are fedup of this thing but are afraid of complaining to police due to the dadagiri of taporis

    I wish mahidhar pura police will take the regular steps for this

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