Pragati August 2008: Should India send troops to Afghanistan?

Issue 17 - Aug 2008
Issue Contents


Making a leader
Excerpts from a lecture on leadership and discipline
Sam HFJ Manekshaw

Our voice in our history
Academic freedom, private funding and historical research
Jayakrishnan Nair

On whether or not India has a coherent foreign policy

A survey of think-tanks
On China policy; Fixing the FATA; An Indo-Israeli alliance?
Vijay Vikram

Hold steady in Afghanistan
India is on the right track and it should stay that way
Shanthie Mariet D’Souza

A bigger military presence is essential
…if India is to shape Afghanistan’s future
Sushant K Singh

The myth of Taliban tribalism
The folly of trying to set tribes against each other
Joshua Foust

Monsoon Session 2008—What’s in store
Legislative brief
Sarita Vanka

When it’s good to slow down
The why and what next about rising inflation
V Anantha Nageswaran

The historical roots of the services sector
…calls for a strategy that plays to India’s strengths
Stephen Broadberry and Bishnupriya Gupta

Profiting from education
Resistance against commercialisation is fruitless
Atanu Dey

Four books about Pakistan
On nuclear proliferation, military politics and society
Nitin Pai

1 thought on “Pragati August 2008: Should India send troops to Afghanistan?”

  1. INI has raised a very good question in this issue.

    I feel that unless US and NATO dont take Pakistan head on as the source of or atleast the controller of all terrorist activity in Afghanistan, the day will soon come when India will have to commit its troops. Assuming that US/NATO troop commitment will not increase otherwise and that unless stopped, Pakistan’s commitment towards Taliban-Al Qaeda combine and the like will only increase in its quest for strategic depth, we can safely conclude that a regional partner will have to augment US/NATO efforts. Who is that going to be? India, Iran, Russia, China? I think most of the above can be ruled out on the basis of the discussions that have already been conducted in previous posts here. That leaves India.

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