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The Indian National Interest Group

Okay, we are on facebook.

Indian National Interest is a non-partisan community of individuals committed to economic freedom, realism in international relations, an open society, a culture of tolerance and an emphasis on good governance.

This facebook group is an attempt at a virtual brown bag for INI contributors, readers, and all those who seek a better future for our country. [INI group on Facebook]

Do join us. And tell your friends about it.

11 thoughts on “Join our facebook group”

  1. Nitin, do you have any figures on hitcounts on INI web pages and where those hits are coming from? Someone commented earlier on one of Yossarin’s recent posts and I think this could be one way to find out who your readers actually are.

    Here’s that comment.

  2. I really admire and appreciate The Indian National Interest. I get rational and sensible insight into the nation’s daily happenings.

    Yes, even I agree with xyz that you should come on orkut. If your there from before, I don’t really know.

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