Indian pond organisms

A particularly obnoxious variety

It takes a particular type of politician to insult a policeman killed in the line of duty and then try and play a cheap trick on the family of the deceased. That particular type of politician is Amar Singh, leader of the Samajwadi Party.

“His comments have hurt our honour and disrespected my late husband. We did not go begging to Singh and we will not accept the cheque now that he has publicly said that he gave us money—as if I am making my husband’s death an excuse to earn money,” said an angry Maya Sharma, widow of the officer.

Interestingly, the cheque that was handed out to the family had an error in it. “In numbers, the amount mentioned on the cheque was Rs 10,000, while Rs 10 lakh was written in words. When we brought this to Singh’s representative’s notice, he asked us to add two zeros to the cheque on our own. She added that I told him that such things are not befitting of respectable people like us. I thought it was an honest mistake. So, after we insisted, his representative took the cheque back for correction. Now, we don’t want it back,” said Maya. [TOI]

Also this:

Maya Sharma said the announcement of Rs 30 lakh given to the family by Delhi Police has been over-hyped. “That money was the accumulation of his GPF, other benefits and ex-gratia amount given to every officer who dies in action. It was no special compensation.” [IE]

Trying to wipe the egg off his face, Mr Singh announced that his party might consider withdraw support from the UPA government if the Jamia Millia Islamia university were found innocent. It is grandstanding yes, but the message to the UPA government is palpable.

3 thoughts on “Indian pond organisms”

  1. Its extremely unfair that shri shri Amar Singh ji’s pristine innocence, his stainless character, and his stainless steel spine are being brought into question here.

    Mark my words, Amar Singh is PM material. A man so uncorrupt, he’s never eaten a misbegotten penny in his life, this country would be lucky to have him around…..

    sheesh, whats wrong with people nowadays…..

  2. Amar Singh is also a socialite celebrated in major page 3 circles in Dilli. So, he is for sure a PM material in this liberal nation 🙂

  3. Hats off to the lady.
    She called a shithead a shithead and in the process gave a compelling demonstration of a concept Amar Singh cannot possibly grasp – honour.

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