On who is out of tune

…with the ground situation

After Asif Zardari called Kashmiri terrorists terrorists, Mehbooba Mufti, president of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) opined “I think Mr Zardari’s statement seems to be out of tune with the ground situation in Kashmir.” (linkthanks Anand Sampath)

It is fair to say that Ms Mufti is really out of tune with the ground situation in Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “On who is out of tune”

  1. I wonder what twerpoids like the Mobile Republic and her non-resident commie mentor, Pankaj Misra, recalibrate their “arguments” in response to Zardari’s remarks. Remember that in their reckoning “Kashmiri” terrorists are actually “freedom fighters”, and Pakistan is this entity, whatever its faults, that gets unfairly blamed by a nasty India for the mess in Kashmir. They cannot abandon either of the arguments, and they cannot support both except by inventing some interesting new arguments.

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