Directional communalism

(The hidden meanings of words)

Pankaj Vohra writes:

Castetists and communalists have always worked together and might do so again. Each benefits from the other. National parties like the Congress will have to bear the brunt as they can’t take strident positions. But the Congress has to pay a price if it goes to bed with caste-based parties that rake up inverse communalism. [HT, emphasis added]

Communalism is not something that just one party does. But it’s always amusing to see the development of Indian political vocabulary.

5 thoughts on “Directional communalism”

  1. Inverse = opposite, right ? I am really confused by this statement. Is communalism of hues and colours ? I am guessing that saffron is the bad colour.

  2. ac,

    Well, normally inverse is not quite the same as opposite. There are dimensional elements to the term. But in the political lexicon you can make it whatever you want it to be.

  3. ac, that is a good point.

    What does “inverse” mean? Surely not “anti”.

    Also clearly p-sec Pankaj Vohra doesn’t know what he’s talking about because Congress I practices both – one has to look at a UPA’s cabinet meeting minutes for one and look at the internal list of potential MLA and MP candidates for the other.

  4. Nitin,

    Sorry for the wrong choice of words. Kind of like (cos -1 ) cos (x) = x. So we get back to where we started by going around in circles 😛 !!

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