What Zardari told the Wall Street Journal

In his own voice

There was controversy and there were denials and there were clarifications. “But since the question of what exactly the president did or did not say is of intense interest to our media colleagues in India and Pakistan,” the Wall Street Journal says “we are posting audio clips of some of Mr. Zardari’s on-the-record remarks so that our readers can form their own opinions about exactly what the president intended to say.

Meantime, six of us heard Mr. Zardari’s remarks the same way, and we congratulate him for seeking good and peaceful relations with all of Pakistan’s neighbors.”

Listen to the three audio clips: on mujahideen, terrorists and wolf packs; on India not being a threat to Pakistan; and on the understanding with the US on attacks across the Durand line.

2 thoughts on “What Zardari told the Wall Street Journal”

  1. What a shame that such is the leader of Pakistan who is not even the worthy to be the leader of his own home. I totally deny his words as a Pakistani and I think its loud and clear that this is his own rubbish approach not of Pakistan.

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