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We are conducting a survey to find out if we should bring out a print edition of Pragati—The Indian National Interest Review. Seven quick questions and you are done. Proceed to the voting booth»

Note: Subscribers to the digital edition received the survey questionnaire last week. So please do take this survey only if you have not already done so.

11 thoughts on “Would you subscribe to a print edition of Pragati?”

  1. Is there any reason why you guys never put pragati up in html format on the web – like blog articles? That way all this troublesome downloading and storing and/or printing can be avoided. Sorry if this has been addressed before here.

  2. I have filled the survey, but I am curious to know why some people want a print edition of something that is free to download and print. No access to printers combined with an inability to read things off a computer monitor? How large is this demographic?

    I hope this is not because some people consider being a printed magazine somehow “superior” to a “mere blog”. This, in 2008, when existing magazines and newspapers are increasingly going electronic, looks like a step backwards to me. I love the magazine (got a couple of people to read it regularly), and I would like the people behind it to be able to use their time more productively than that!

    So, would someone please elaborate on their reasons for wanting to subscribe to a print edition? TIA.

    Plus, what froginthewell said. If there was an html edition, I would never download it.

  3. No access to printers combined with an inability to read things off a computer monitor? How large is this demographic?

    Pretty large. Most of us who carry laptops dont carry printers along. Reading off a computer screen for long periods can be irritating anyway, especially those with eye problems. A magazine is always more portable. I can, for example, sit on the toilet and read while I shit. Cant do that with a computer.

  4. Contd… from above:

    Moreover – and this is more important – there may be many potential readers who dont own computers or dont have Internet or both.

  5. Most print medium is loosing money and loosing subscribers. While I have no idea what the mag. subscriber profile is, you would be going the wrong direction to the industry trend. You may be better off creating web based magazine with ad support and, say, interactive features. Just a thought.

  6. I second Atlantean’s view.

    Moreover with the print edition we take each other seriously. How ever free( in a nice PDF format ) it may be , its always free. So let put a cost to the effort. It doesnt hurt for me to pay a little to get away from psic trashes.

  7. Sure. I’ve asked here before but never received any response. I’d like to give a gift subscription if the print edition becomes available.

  8. Atlantean, way too much information.

    Chandra, not only are they loosing money and subscribers, they are also losing money and subscribers.

    Eswar, everything has a cost; you don’t have to do anything special to put a cost to them. Perhaps we should put a price on the product.

    Nitin, just the softcopy is good enough. The cost of printing and distributing a hard copy is not warranted, IMNSHO.

  9. Atanu, thanks. If that was the only error, I did very well 🙂

    Nitin, on the other hand, most of the struggling print media have lot of legacy cost. If you can keep overhead tiny, you can try a cost plus model where you cover your cost plus a small margin for every issue – it’s extremely hard to do but something to think about. But I really doubt that the vast majority of your audiences to the rather dry, although colourful, magazine 🙂 don’t already have access to the net…

  10. Chandra & all,

    Thanks for the comments, keep them coming. I’m deliberately not responding in order not to skew the discussion.

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