Mass incidents

Riots with Chinese characteristics

It looks like a term used in quantum physics. But it’s a term used in China. Rather, by China. Mass incidents cover anything from public protests and demonstrations to violent riots. Their number might be increasing, but details remain sketchy.

So even as China’s actions in geoeconomics are being closely watched—not least due to a gigantic stimulus package that over 15% of its annual GDP—one little mass incident should be noted. An angry mob torched a police station over a traffic-related accident…in Shenzen.

Yes, you should be properly concerned.

5 thoughts on “Mass incidents”

  1. >>> An angry mob torched a police station over a traffic-related accident…in Shenzen.

    Such incidents are pretty common in India. Whats the concern here ?

  2. IMO, the point is that authoritarian states are fragiole and susceptible to periodic upsurges of popular revolt the kind that just torched a police station over a traffic incident.

    The concern is that failing a legitimate dissidence and grievience redressal mechanism, failing a legitimate socio-political feedback mechanism, some popular riot could end up starting a popular revolt. One of regime-changing proportions. What peaceful, orderly elections are supposed to achieve in democracies, necessarily need bloody, violent and unpredictable revolts in what looks like a peaceful, harmonious society from the outside (china) thanks to its state controlled media (xinhua).

    Still, methinks the risks of revolt in china are far overblown. The PRC will kill in the 1000s, perhaps the millions, to keep power. Demosntrated chillingly under Mao and again in Tiananmen. A couple of generations down, thanks to the controlled media and history curriculum, the very memory of those horrors can be sanitized and eradicated over time (or so the CCP will hope). Meanwhile, life goes on.

  3. We should be concerned.. Because they can always divert this frustration to south of Himalayas – imagine a new war over Arunachal. India is a proven punch bag anyway..!

  4. We should be “concerned” because a riot torn China would mean a weak China.
    A weakened China would mean less help for Pakistan. Less help for Pakistan would mean fewer bombings in India. Fewer bombings in India would mean more Indians. More Indians would mean ……….?

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