6 thoughts on “Wah Taj!”

  1. Taj Hotel (de facto) chairman Ratan Tata was very impressive in his TV appearance. Calm, articulate, deliberate and determined.

    Bravo, sir!

  2. Silver Lining: Crowd gathered outside the hotels cheered and clapped when Commandos arrived at the scene. Source: NDTV

    [Meanwhile Barkha Dutt was seen crying when she saw admiration for India’s security force. She was worried that at such pace of growing admiration for the forces her job will be in danger in a few years] Source: Optimism

  3. A point that surprised me is that Kapil Sibal said the terrorists in Taj are armed with MP6 rifles, he probably meant MP5, but still. MP5s instead of AKs is surprising. Any ideas why?

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