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  1. This was a very well executed operation. Congratulations are in order for the NSG, Marcos, regular Army units, and the Mumbai Police.

  2. Pakistan has rescued India by carrying out the Mumbai attack… really, India will thank ISI.
    Don’t get it it? Here is how.
    Farce over the “involvement” of a serving army office Colonel Purohit in the Malegaon “blast” was turning out to be a major foreign relations disaster for India what with the media stories of 60 kg of RDX being pilfered from Indian army godown and being used for Samjautha express blasts.
    The story was outlandish to start with and strongly denied by Indian army… but what credibility such a denial would have carried with the international community is anybody’s guess… As such even if India had legitimately blamed Pakistan for any bomb blast, Pakistan could easily have pointed fingers at India. Implications of this would have been disasterous as India was running the risk of being declared a rogue state.

    Through the Mumbai attack, ISI has come to India’s rescue. With all the strings of blast comprehensively pointing to Pakistan, the focus will shift off RDX Samjauta affair. Malegaon probe or atleast the Samjauta angle will be given a quite burial and Colonel Purohit will be charged on lesser charges of impersonating Mithunda

  3. Never to forget the known and unknown heroes who laid down their lives to save the lives of others.

    I hope the chair-warmers and the fools don’t commission an inquiry to look into the possibility that these brave men (and women) killed themselves in a staged encounter!

  4. Salute to NSG, Marcos and Commandos!! I guess the Police also deserve a pat but I saw too many police standing there with a pistol now knowing what to do. And then I thought they must have come in through some recommendation, bribing or reservation!! HEY RAM!!! Wish the NSG was called much earlier cutting the bureaucracy in between.

    TV Media’s role should be STRONGLY ANALYSED and if possible, regulated in such attacks which MAY happen in future.

  5. Not to be contrarian, but I’m agnostic as to the performance of our security men. Considering how many hostages and others were killed, we should wait for all the information that will come through in the next few weeks before judging their performance either way. If its found that due to their unpreparedness, the cops fired wildly, or if the israelis’ criticisms turn out to be true, those should be dealt with. Yes we’re all glad the horror show is over. However, if we can improve, we should.

  6. Venkat,

    Police is simply not trained or armed for such operations. There is a reason why training and specialization matters. The question which deserves an answer is why does NSG need to be called from Manesar?

  7. Thanks to the NSG, marine commandos and indeed all security officers involved in the operation. One cannot help but thinking though, that this has been an unmitigated disaster in many ways. This is a much more horrific event than a bomb blast that might have killed the same number. Civilians were hunted down. The terrible loss of life must not go in vain. This chapter should find closure only after every single person involved in the conspiracy is brought to justice or liquidated. Nothing of short Black September recriminations should be accepted, even as the larger problems are addressed. First to be taken to task should be those who were supposed to know what the public did not.

  8. Agree with Tushar. While the commitment of police, ATS and the commandos was commendable, there should be no cover up of any lapses. It is a tall order, one can only hope.

  9. As a former Tata group employee, my commiserations to Ratan Tata and all of Indian hotels. I would expect hotels to take measures to improve security and possibly have plainclothes marshals, as uncomfortable as that may be in the hospitality industry.

  10. It’s a strange feeling of relief. Like the one you got at the end of World War 2. It’s not happiness. It’s relief riddled with pain and questions.

  11. @Ashutosh, how old are you? Sorry couldn’t help it 🙂

    @Tushar, clearly the Islamic death cult murderous were well prepared with plenty of ammunition and grenades and what not. It takes to time scramble. Also while the terrorists can see what’s going on by watching stupid live coverage of the tamasha on TV, by informers watching from outside (probably calling LeT operational command in Land of Pure which were then related back to the Islamic murderous), or just by looking outside, NSG was mostly working blind without inside intel. Remember they actually said multiple times that they had cleared Hotel Taj Mahal only to go back to fight some more. The murderous knew what they were doing inside the buildings.

    I wouldn’t have minded if it went longer if lesser people (police and NSG and innocent folks) on our side were killed.

  12. Wanted to bring to the notice of the readers here about this truly amazing story of how the woefully ill-equipped mumbai police managed to capture the terrorist, Kasab. A story of raw courage and selflessness – words are really worthless in trying to express my admiration and gratitude for these brave people. Why has this story not received the importance and recognition that it so truly deserves?I desparately hope that the sacrifice of these people does not go unrewarded and unrecognized.


    Ombale rushed to secure him when the terrorist started pumping away with the AK-47. Call it guts or instinct but Tukaram Gopal Ombale refused to let go of his assailant. I am told that something like 30 bullets were recovered from his body.

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