The man who knows exactly how to fix India’s problems

But still won’t

This blog would be remiss if it missed pointing out an excellent post by Raju Narisetti, the editor of Mint, on his blog. Dr Manmohan Singh, he writes, should be an op-ed writer.

Usually, it is the opinion page editors of newspapers who are in the habit of telling the government and the people as to what ought to be done. In India, however, it is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speciality as the man who can get things done and who is supposed to get things done has increasingly turned into an editorial writer (or editorial speech maker), often simply telling the country what ought to be done rather than actually doing it. [A Romantic Realist]

Next year, a grateful Indian electorate should allow Dr Singh to do what he does best.

11 thoughts on “The man who knows exactly how to fix India’s problems”

  1. Unmanlymohan Singh is a lapdog for Sonia. He wasn’t responsible for India’s economic reforms, but rather PV Narasimha Rao. The Congress party sycophants cheated Rao of his due and quickly brought back Sonia to revive the Nehru-Gandhi Personality Cult. Singh’s status was elevated as part of this.
    It’s well known that he doesn’t have the personality or the ability to be a manager. Now the sycophants are circulating news stories about how Manmohan was “enraged at the failure of the system” following the Mumbai attacks. A principled leader will accept that “the buck stops here” with himself. An unprincipled leader (with an unprincipled coterie of sycophants and spin-doctors) will try and deflect blame onto underlings. Indeed, how was the man at the top unaware of the deficiencies of the system? He’s incapable and incompetent, just like his corrupt party and its ideology.

  2. I’d like to ask everyone else on Pragati — is Pragmatic Euphony the resident leftist or token Benedict Arnold on this forum? He’s the only one who seems to put comments under moderation, and he seems to tilt towards censoring any comments that don’t go along with his Leftist views. What’s the point in having someone with these kinds of views on here? More importantly, where is the credibility in having someone with those kinds of ethics on here? There are plenty of Left-wing Indian forums on the net, and they all have one thing in common — they rabidly censor anyone/anything that doesn’t worship their slanted views.

    He’s playing a game of moral equivalency, trying to equate Narendra Modi’s visit with ‘playing politics’! Excuse me, but in the wake of this Left-created disaster, this is precisely the time to be holding the Left accountable for what they have wrought. I certainly hope that Modi continues to raise the issues that need to be raised. I am an atheist, and an unapologetic supporter of a Chief Minister whose values I feel India badly needs right now.

  3. Sanjay,

    Comment #3 is off-topic, and I would normally have deleted it.

    What Pragmatic Euphony does is his call. If he decides that comments ought to be moderated, then that should be good enough for everybody.

    And you should avoid the Leftist technique of painting someone you disagree with into an odious category, instead of using logic and reason to debate it. (Yes, the irony in the sentence is intentional).

  4. Nitin, I must disagree – reason and logic are wasted on those who appreciate neither. I might as well be speaking Greek or Latin to those who don’t understand it. No, criticizing apologists for terror is not odious – being an apologist for terror is. I’m not such a cold, unfeeling machine that I’ll just sit there and let it pass in sterile fashion.

    Likewise, more related to the topic, Manmohan, Sonia and their coterie of sycophants are determined to rule the country by hook or by crook, no matter what the cost. The toll from their corrupt ideology is showing itself yet again in these recent Mumbai attacks.

    Gentle rebuttals will not work on these thick-skulled morons. They need to be hounded from office. What’s required is for the rest of us to become more media savvy, and not more reticent.

  5. Sanjay,

    I’m not sure who you refer to in comment #4, but on INI blogs, you comply to the rules of engagement set by the bloggers on their blogs.

    I’m ending this off-topic digression here.

  6. Most us trouble bearing understanding what he says forget about getting things done. Plus the entire family seems to be on the wrong side:

    While he can’t sleep after murderous terrorist are thankfully nabbed; but his daughter does one better. Freeing hard core terrorist from Guntanamo Bay working with the Saudi funded lobbies, law firms, and media people simply by inventing new identities for them.

    No wonder terrorists can pick and choose targets in this country

  7. Vijay,

    Its a sad truth that open societies such as the US and India are by their nature more vulnerable to the kind of danger terrorists and their overground apologists pose.

    Doesn’t mean that the China model now be taken as the only security and delivery-oriented one.

    I think that despite the fact that the state in open societies often lags society and the private sector, it ultimately does an ok job. We’re on belated course correction now. I hope the recent clear-majority victories by the INC in 2 state assembelies will mean both these states will get anti-terror legislation approved superfast by the union home ministry and find it less and less essential to pander to political correctness or votebank considerations in conducting investigations.

    I certainly hope the INC is now secure enough to not have to rely on more Malegaon style witch hunts. Time will tell, let us see.

  8. I absolutely agree – the PM was not born to be a politician, and still isn’t. But in all fairness, the inability of the NDA to pursue certain reforms post-Kargil, when they clearly knew what needed to be done, is telling. This is a malaise of the Indian system of government, not of one individual or party.

    On the other hand, the PM clearly put his political life on the line with regards to the Indo-U.S. nuclear agreement, perhaps the only item indicative of concrete and long-term progress of the last five years; if he could do it then, why can’t he ram other bitter pills down the throats of the bureaucracy and the party? Sadly, it remains a mystery.

  9. I don’t think Congress party is going to learn anything or see the need for doing anything now as the state elections have emboldened and ‘supported’ their views. We are responsible for electing the crooks and sycophants to the office. Congress should have been wiped out in Delhi and severely punished in Rajasthan and MP. Terrorism is state, local and federal issue and Congress follows same policies at all levels. There was no reason for people to elect them at this state of nation. We had the power to eject and we are helping them to weaken the country further. Will we realize anything and are we so thick skinned that nothing can move us to act decisively?

    Congress should have symbolically prepared for troops positioning to put pressure on US and allies. A string of low intensity attacks and threats of punishment will push America and its allies to put pressure on Pakistan to comply SOON. Meanwhile, some journalists like Karan Thapar should put Manmohan to shame for all the statements he released without backing ANY of them with action or a semblance of action.

  10. Apart from potentially being a great op-ed writer,he is also at heart a decent man. He actually apologized to the nation for failing to prevent the atack. If only he was half-decent as India’s PM…

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