China and Hamid Gul’s chestnuts

Why did it pull them out?

The Christian Science Monitor reports that:

India also sought to have the UN committee include on the list Hamid Gul, a retired Pakistani Army general who headed the country’s main intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, in the late 1980s. However, China, a close ally of Pakistan that has veto power on the Security Council, apparently blocked Mr. Gul’s inclusion. [CSM]

So China could no longer afford to continue stonewalling on sanctions against the Jamaat-ud-Dawa/Lashkar-e-Taiba, a position that can only be understood as part of its strategy of containing India. But saving General Hamid Gul’s skin…now, that’s interesting.

7 thoughts on “China and Hamid Gul’s chestnuts”

  1. Its no secret PRC ‘helped’, nay all but couriered finished bums, to the Packees. But there may be other better kept secrets of just how much PRC is invested in supporting, arming, financing, training, intelligence sharing with, target-selecting for, drug running with, networking across etc the jihadist eco-system centered in Papistan.

    All of which will spill when Hamid Gul sings like a canary in Indian custody – info duly shared with US, Russian, and EU observers.

  2. China knows which card to hold tight. At the same time, others don’t know why China holds them tight….

  3. China’s nefarious actions need to be broadcast loudly to all Indians everywhere. India’s China-first politicians and their voters need to be served up with this latest inconvenient truth, to force them to account for it.

    But like I said, large sections of voters mainly care about stuffing their own faces, and certainly don’t care about corruption. They are the underlying source of corruption, beneath the politicians. This is why the political right needs to change its strategy, to account for this.

  4. This is a clear attempt to malign our efforts at speeding up the Pakistani response. China apparently held it, seeking more evidence against Gul. Cant they be asked to explain their actions?

    What makes this worse is we have politicians who support the Chinese cause. CPI(M), are you listening?

  5. @Jay: What makes this worse is we have politicians who support the Chinese cause. CPI(M), are you listening?

    Of course CPI (A..Z) are obviousely answerable only to the International Brotherhood, and not so much to the people of India.

    Who should really be held to account is their non-communist collaborators in Indian politics, the likes of CB Naidu, UPA, …, and now J Jailalitha.

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