And how much are these nukes?

If your goose lays golden eggs, you’ll want to keep it

Like many thoughtful people, Bret Stephens zeroes in on the central problem—Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal protects jihadi terrorists, besides running the country down in various ways. He deserves appreciation for attempting to think up an innovative solution to it. (via Pragmatic Euphony)

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that Pakistan will give up its nuclear arsenal and capability for US$100 billion and an American nuclear umbrella. Forget US$100 billion, it’s unlikely to trade-in its nukes for any price that the world is prepared to pay. Why?

Because it can get the same money by keeping the nuclear weapons—by playing up the risk of these weapons falling into the hands of rogues and terrorists in case of widespread turmoil. So why sell the goose that lays the golden eggs? And we are not even talking about whether the ordinary and the elite would accede to a trade-in deal.

As for placing Pakistan under the American nuclear umbrella—it makes a good soundbite, but is not credible. Is the United States prepared to use nuclear weapons on Pakistan’s behalf should India launch a punitive strike against Pakistan’s jihadi training camps in retaliation to a major terrorist attack? If you are a Pakistani leader—civilian or military—you won’t count on this. Besides, your all-weather friends in Beijing are unlikely to be favourably disposed to it either.

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  1. Bret is (obviously!) living in la-la land if he thinks the Pakistanis will sell their nukes for money. Sure, they did ‘share’ nuke tech with the likes of Noko, Libya and Iran for money but to ‘surrender’ it for money is simply not in the realm of possibility. ZAB himself proclaimed willingness on behalf of all pakistanis past and future to eat grass for a 1000 yrs just so that the bomb can be built and worshipped on pakistani (night) soil.

  2. Even worse is to see Pakistani Hindus rallying in support of Lashkar-e-Toiba’s “charitable” arm, Jamaat-ud-Dawaa:


  3. Sanjay

    Pls recognise the support for JuD from the Paki yindoos for what it is – an anguished cry for help.

  4. “Pls recognise the support for JuD from the Paki yindoos for what it is – an anguished cry for help.”

    Are we sure this is what it is?

  5. Are we sure this is what it is?

    Pretty much. Their paraded patriotism is the price they pay for keeping life and limb in one piece in the land of the pure.

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