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As the ghastly chapter of the terrorist attack on Mumbai came to an end, long time reader Jai_Choorakkot wrote to Dilip D’Souza, Rohit Pradhan and me suggesting that posting on each others’ blogs would be a great way to show that Indians are united on fundamental issues. So here, on Dilip’s invitation is my take on what we—as individuals and citizens—could do in the wake of the terrorist attacks. To keep the discussion in one place, do leave your comments there too.

15 thoughts on “My guest post on Dilip D’Souza’s blog”

  1. Oh no, not Dilip D’Louza. That guy truly has only half a brain – the left side, without any rational right side. Why give that self-promoting idiot any undeserved publicity at all?

    Sorry, but I don’t find that idiot to be on the right side of any issue – and although I haven’t bothered to check out his views on these latest attacks, I’m pretty sure I know what they’ll be, given his past traditions of imbecility.

    Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor is claiming that the Indian media behaved jingoistically in its coverage of the Mumbai attacks. And which examples do they cite as proof of this? Burkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai!


    I’m happy to see those 2 idiots being criticized, but this is like accusing Keith Olbermann of being a hardline jingoist!

  2. Not Dsouza! Please tell me you are unfamiliar with his work to have agreed to post there cause you can do much better than that (I am unsure if even he believes some of the things he says)

  3. Never mind my previous comment, got confused between Dilip and Dinesh (now that is one nitwit)

  4. Sanjay

    The LEFT side of the brain is usually considered the ‘rational’ one, with the right side having more ‘EQ-type’ skills.

    In any case, this is irrelevant for DD, since his spinal cord abruptly terminates at the thalamus

  5. Thanks Nitin.

    I had read, in rewind mode, a couple of massive blow-ups in blogworld back in 2005, with ppl freely accusing each other of impersonation, trolling etc. Theyre getting along reasonably well now -they disagree on many, many things but will not indulge in, or put up with stupid abuse.

    That gave me hope that bridging is not impossible. I wonder what the comments will look like if Dilip does a post here. Maybe too many ppl have too much invested in keeping polar distances, they cant countenance such a thing.

    Like Antulay uncomfortable with the reducing gap between UPA and NDA lines, had to create some frap and signal to his votebank, maybe these guys will flip crazy.

    Maybe its important enough to keep them from doing that, that its not worth the trouble.

    And then again, maybe not?

  6. Actor Buys High-Powered Rifles for Local Police Department
    Actor and one-time Phoenix resident David Spade has donated $100,000 to the Phoenix Police Department. The department will use the much needed funds to buy high-powered rifles to defend the city from the growing influence of Mexican drug cartels.

    Do u think our big mouthed Bollywood millionaires will ever do such charity?

  7. >>the Christian Science Monitor is claiming that the Indian media behaved jingoistically in its coverage of the Mumbai attacks

    CSM probably believes that when non-Christians* get melodramatic, they are turning “jingoistic”.

    (* Barkha Dutt’s religious affiliation probably is Christian)

  8. @Udayan,

    Whoa! Where’s that coming from? And why?

    More appropriately….

    Why’re your knickers in a twist, dood?

    Apart from the minor detail that I can’t think of what eggsactly I wrote to fan the flames beneath your backside (not that thats terribly hard, BTW), ain’t it a tad presumptuous on your part to try to regulate Nitin’s blog?

    Get yourself a blawg, dood, where you can strut about displaying your feathers and your other colorful …umm…charms.

    Chaley aatey hain

    I read posts I disagree with, just don;t necessarily react to them. I ignore commentators I consider trolls. Maybe you could do the same? I can understand if thats too much to ask of you, though.

    My last on this happy exchange. ba-bye.

  9. kc,

    Do u think our big mouthed Bollywood millionaires will ever do such charity?

    Not sure about Bollywood but I’d think there’re quite a few USD millionaires in India who would certainly donate money if they had the confidence the money would be spent productively.

    IMHO, that’s also the reason why the Gates foundation decided on direct cash transfers to vetted projects than donating directly to government coffers.

    And yes, the system of levying cesses that’re tied to particular projects worked very well in some high profile cases – most notably the NDA’s GQ project funded through a Re 1 petrol cess. Point being, as long as you directly tie in money coming in to specific, (relatively) transparent projects, you’re good.

  10. Via IndiaUncut, I came across some plan by pvt citizens to get bulletproof vests for our cops. After they get the permit, the permission, the license, the agreements…… we shd be in better shape for the attacks of 2012.

    based on evidence in this post, could you now on and forevermore:

    – please stop confusing me with Dilip D’Souza?


    – please confuse me with Dilip, Nitin and Rohit Pradhan all at the same time.

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Hello Choorakkot, merry Christmas!

    But: What evidence? what confusion? Who is D’Souza and who is Pradhan? You surely are talking in riddles!

  12. Udayan

    Please practise what your preach.Other than your smartass comments ,you add no value to the discussion here.

    Sud has been exemplary participant in this forum .Please do not display your “i am smarter than the rest of the world” type of orientation here

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