7 thoughts on “The upheavals to come”

  1. Looks like a Bangladesh-shtyle coup is on the cards. Keep watch on the 111 Brigade guys.

  2. Arguably, a coup d’état would work in our favour. Every Pakistani civilian government since Zia overthrew Bhutto in ’77 has been using the us (democratically elected governments) and them (military rulers) dichotomy to extract concessions from the US and European powers, ostensibly to ease pressure on the civilian government and boost democracy in Pakistan.

    This is exactly what is happening right now, helping the govt in Pak to deflect pressure.

    Maybe it would be better to deal with the devil itself instead of his attorneys!

  3. >> The Pakistani government is tying itself in knots

    oh, I wud think Pakistan is running circles on India. after 2 months “with all options open”, what we have achieved is making Pakistan accept Ajmal is Pakistani. some progress, that is!

  4. Wait and see. In the coming weeks they will say that the handlers were from the ‘rogue’ elements of the ISI and army, and still they will say that they cannot prosecute them or hand them over to India since it would affect the stability of Pakistan. And India would still be begging the international community to persuade Pakistan to take action.

    Why do we need a military when we have got the international community to protect us and punish the guilty? After all India cannot be an aggressor against any other nation even if its very survival is under great threat. Ahimsa dictates that you bow down and accept each blow of the opponent.

    India won its independence through non-violence and it seems it would lose it through non-violence.

  5. Indian apathy has to end

    Innocent people are being murdered in Swat. The Pakistani army is acting in cohorts with the Taliban : a targeted massacre of educated and intelligent people is occuring. The very events before their eyes remind the Pashtuns of the Babrra massacre. No one is paying attention !

    We Indians betrayed the Pashtuns during the partition, we cannot afford to do it again. The Mumbai attacks were clearly a ploy to divert attention from the murders in the western front of Pakistan. Who is behind this ? The Taliban ? The hardline Islamists ? The Al-Qaeda ? The Pak military strategists ?

    It does’t matter. The war in Swat is India’s war.

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  6. No coup will be allowed during the War on Terror. That could jeopardize the aid, and the generals know that. But mainly, CIA have their eyes intently focused on Pak right now, so they’d see any such moves coming.

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