9 thoughts on “Three thoughts for the Republic”

  1. Another Republic Day. Another free-of-cost day out in luxury and in high company for the most uninspiring head of state since the Republic came into being.

  2. Another Republic Day and another lavish spending on parade – all states sending groups of dancers, poorly made tableau [chinese imports??], unimpressive colonial display of power…

  3. Hi all,

    That’s exactly why I have a single theme for reflection today: on public participation. We have two alternatives: cynicism-scepticism-apathy and or renewed commitment to make the decrepit systems work. I advocate the latter.

  4. Oh absolutely Nitin, as Jaswant Singh said, one can’t hope to make an impact unless one gets out of this state of “political vegetarianism” 😉

  5. While I tend to slip in to bouts of cynicism myself, days like these are meant to make you think about what has gone right and what could still go right in the future…and all that, despite the aging politicians, lumbering bureaucracy, misplaced priorities, etc. etc. etc.

    Long live the Republic!

    p.s. Maybe I am a bit homesick or simply soft in the head, but I’d do anything right now to sit in front of the telly and watch the parade…esp. the armed forces…

  6. Nitin

    Cynicism is like garlic. It doesn’t taste well absolutely but when added with stuff, it releases all gas 🙂
    I would say a bit of cynicism should be added to all proposals to release all gas from them. lol

  7. Nothing serious guys. Just bitching about a few things.

    Inspite of all the bad things, there’s a great deal of hope in our country. It is this hope, coupled with our growing self-confidence, that drives us. Days like this reinforce our hope and confidence.

    Long live the Republic. Brothers, sisters and dear friends of India, let’s go kick some ass. Jai Hind!

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