For some serious policing

Planned spending, informed planning

Sushant K Singh and Ramavtar Yadav make a case for police reforms in today’s Mint.

Social and economic security needs to be immediately adopted as one of the Plan sectors by the commission. This sector should set national objectives and provide assured resources—funds, manpower, equipment and training—for policing and encompass crimes, crimogens, criminal justice system (CJS), police organization, correctional services and judicial service.

There have been incessant calls to discard the archaic system of centralized planning and the distinction between Plan and non-Plan accounting, which has many drawbacks. In the present scheme of things, however, a Plan scheme acquires priority and urgency by virtue of being a Plan item of expenditure. A very elaborate process governs the fixing of Plan expenditure by the government and the commission. Non-Plan expenditure suffers from a lack of cost consciousness, no medium-term perspective for continuing activities and allocations, lack of macropolicy knowledge at the level where budget estimates are made and lack of feedback on performance and results. The underlying logic of identifying and channelling resources into core sectors through planned expenditures will provide policing with the necessary legitimacy, urgency and impetus in the present government set-up. [Mint]

They also call for a national crime survey that can form the basis for planning. If that sounds like common sense to you, isn’t it shocking that the current approach lacks it?

2 thoughts on “For some serious policing”

  1. I am curious what make what – planned vs non-planned? May be upgrading security forces should be considered as a separate project – like constructing a dam – with a specific deadline and then make it planned expenditure with the feedback mechanism. Govt institutional change, especially that which entails the planning commission!, is extremely difficult so it’s better to get this moving by redefining what is being or has to be done. No wonder judiciary system is not modernized/computerized at all!

  2. I agree to the aspect of reforms as a process of planned and non planned activity..this must be done . What I am more curious to know “who stops police from training” that is their internal bandobast and does not merit national or state indulgence

    Isn’t the police leadership responsible for providing the required motivation, empowerment and excitement to its cadre or that too has to be part of the “hafta vasool”..the system needs to be cleansed more than invested upon. The political control needs to go.The bureaucracy must be delinked and then go in for all changes : structural or otherwise..the financing options is really not the only issue

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