My op-ed in Mint: The lines of nuclear succession

The nuclear factor renders unacceptable practices that stem from the compulsions of coalition politics

In today’s Mint, I argue that “the nuclear factor thus calls for both the declaration of a line of succession as well as ensuring that key cabinet portfolios are entrusted to separate individuals. It renders unacceptable practices that have either become norms or are compulsions of coalition politics. Parties preparing for the coming general election, therefore, would do well to go beyond announcing their prime ministerial candidates. They should announce their leadership succession strategy and the line-up for key cabinet positions.”

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3 thoughts on “My op-ed in Mint: The lines of nuclear succession”

  1. Trying to announce cabinet positions will be nothing less than harakiri. Besides political fallout from the effect, caste and representation in proposed cabinet rather than merit will become driver.

  2. Btw, what do you all make of India’s recent announcement for construction of the Fast Breeder Reactors? Is this just for show, or is it a genuine sign that India has been able to retain the independence of its Fast Breeder programme in spite of the 123 Deal?

  3. the piece is well articulated and MUST be done. Time media launched multi pronged campaigns sponsored by the corporates like the Jago Re campaign of Pavaratti to educate the masses as to the demands they must make on the parties for their holistic approach to all aspects of nation building and other leadership and policy making mechanisms public.

    Their agendas for handling national development, forign policy, policy statements on social justice mechanisms, naxalism, national economy and the internal and external security stands must be part of their manifestos and these must be fiercely debated rather than rhetoric and caste based issues. The focus should be on flattening and decogesting governance.

    The election commission should and must articulate these to the concerned parties. I hope that does not require cabinet approval.

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