Obama now owns the Af-Pak war

The focus is on Pakistan

“And after years of mixed results,” President Obama announced, the United States “will not, and cannot, provide a blank check” to Pakistan.

The most likely reaction in the Pakistani establishment is likely to be “we’ll see about that.” It is all very well that the United States wants to strengthen the Pakistani civilian government, improve governance and all that. But the strings that the Obama administration ties to the aid it gives Pakistan won’t last beyond the next crisis that the latter perpetrates. Let’s hope Mr Obama succeeds where others have failed. But don’t hold your breath.

6 thoughts on “Obama now owns the Af-Pak war”

  1. provide a blank check

    Who is Barrack kidding here; we have altready seen this administration take it up the ass from AIG and the other corporate hoodlums and financial terrorists they have bailed out; how the hell are they going to stand up to a nuclear Pakistan that they need to reign in a jihadi-Afghanistan.

    If I was a Pak general I would be rubbing my hands in anticipation and whipping out my shopping list.

  2. The only question is, “what is the next crisis” going to be? Has to be bigger and better than the last one no? Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. From Obama’s Af-Pak plan at CBS:

    I am calling upon Congress to pass a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by John Kerry and Richard Lugar that authorizes $1.5 billion in direct support to the Pakistani people every year over the next five years — resources that will build schools and roads and hospitals, and strengthen Pakistan’s democracy.

    In this era of trillion-dollar stimulus packages, a couple of billion dollars every year is loose change. All for a good cause – schools for children, see?
    And hospitals too, need plenty of those.

    Wonder what happened to all the money that the US had given Pakistan for over 7 years. Not to mention the IMF and World Bank money as ‘routine’ loans to developing countries. The petrodollars from the Gulf. And of course, export earnings.

    One must give it to the Pakistan government: it seems to have perfected the art of negotiating with a gun to its own head. A strategy that has always paid off with the Americans.

  4. Oh yeah, we’ve seen this movie before.
    Its going to be a while before america does what is really required:
    nuke pukistan as a prelude to a “mcarthur plan”


    Peshawar/Washington: US president Barack Obama announced on Friday an increase of aid to Pakistan and a boost of troops in Afghanistan to “defeat” al-Qaeda and the Taliban. But just hours before he unveiled his strategy, terror struck a packed mosque in northwest Pakistan with a suicide bomber blowing himself up during Friday prayers, leaving more than 70 dead and 200 wounded in one of the bloodiest attacks of late.

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