Top blog in India, this is

But don’t let it go to your head

And suddenly, The Acorn finds itself ranked at the top of’s IndiRank ranking of 7895 Indian blogs. (via tweets from indiblogger & Overlord. Gauravonomics has an analysis of the State of the Indian Blogosphere 2009).

Yes, yes, you know such rankings are never perfect; the Bongs (great, full or fractional) might not have been counted (or better still, were unfairly discriminated against); the top position is ephemeral and all that. But that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating…a little. Like all the hardworking staff who run this blog. Because, dear reader, your favourite blog squeezed past Digital Inspiration, Gauravonomics and other fine technology, business and management blogs.

When was the last time you found more people in a foreign policy seminar than in an IT exhibition or a management workshop?

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  1. Oh, don’t under sell yourself, Nitin! Forget IT and management – foreign policy is about people. That’s why it’s interesting. Celebrate!

  2. Our very own Offstumped can give everyone a tough fight, if we look at frequency of posting, Quality of content and Reader comments.

    What do you think about this Acorn?

  3. Congratulations, Nitin. You are indeed popularizing foreign policy debate. But you are more than a foreign policy analyst. You are providing serious, sensible right of center perspective to most of the issues (your take on public policy, terrorism etc were popular too). I often see INI-Pragati as the right of center alternative to, say, the Frontline (of The Hindu), and you are leading it — so your blog has to be popular ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Congratulations from the team!

    By the way, the number 7895 only applies to the stats we gave Gauravonomics. There are over 9000 blogs with an IndiRank. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Atanu & Ranjith: thanks.

    Z: Sure…why not. In fact, as I mentioned on Twitter, fellow INI bloggers have a lot to do with even this ranking.

  6. Nitin:

    Congrats. But don’t delude yourself in to believing that you have made foreign policy “sexy”. The MJI complex across the border must get the credit for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    When are you getting back to work? …after the hangover

  7. When was the last time you found more people in a foreign policy seminar than in an IT exhibition or a management workshop?

    What does that say about the state of the nation?

  8. Congrats, Nitin !

    I think the debates and discussions on your blog posts are consistently of a high quality, and one gets to read nuanced positions on various topics.

    Reading The Acorn, Deeshaa (Atanu takes long breaks some times !) and of course Offstumped, has enriched my day-to-day life a lot. I take this opportunity to thank you all. And I am sure we all agree that Great Bong rocks !

    India Uncut – I have nothing against Amit Varma, but why is his blog so hyped up? Just curious because I want to know what you think are India’s best blogs.

  9. @Sriram: If I had to guess, I would say it doesn’t say anything about the state of the nation. Foreign policy “industry” employs far fewer people than IT or management, so it has fewer seminars/workshops and generally (though not always) fewer people in attendance. That’s true for most of the civilised world, unless you count LeT training camps as foreign policy seminars.

  10. Congratulations!

    Acorn is in fact setting standards for Foreign Policy discussion !!

    @Kumar, IMO Bastiat prize is what made IU popular (though I think most people visit IU for WTF and Cow stories ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact Sauvik is delivering more libertarian content these days and Amit is busy promoting MFS.

  11. And why are you talking to yourself? One of your readers should be warning “Don’t let this go to your head,” not you.

  12. Like Wagner’s music — which was reported to be much better than it sounded — the Acorn is a much better blog than its content.

  13. Congratulations! Here’s toasting to you, kid ๐Ÿ™‚ [yeah, I know it’s breakfast time here, but on an occasion like this, I can be a Frenchman, too]

  14. Congratulations Nitin.

    Atanu is making sure you get the highest number of comments award too (btw, Atanu it is a pain to comment on your blog thanks to registration requirements).

  15. Hi,

    Congratulations, Nitin.

    Keep up the good work.

    Sriram, I wouldn’t consider this blog outranking IT and management blogs to be a good sign for India. Development is still India’s primary problem {I’d say development is still the primary problem of the US, so don’t assume I’m insulting India}. IT and management blogs and their readers probably contribute more directly to development than this blog.

    That said, blog is well written and deserves a high ranking.


  16. “Development is still Indiaโ€™s primary problem . . .”

    Yeah, you tell them, Raymond.

    Now everyone, please stop reading this blog and head on over to my blog on development.

  17. Congrats, Nitin and truly well deserved. Waiting to see the new and revamped INI website!

  18. Congrats Nitin…

    @ Atanu – “Thatโ€™s Groucho, not Karl.” – Good one…

  19. Atanuda,

    As you have just shown, allowing people to type ten one line comments is not a bad idea.

    But somehow I always get my Yoda wrong. I wonder if the correct one is: top in India, this blog is.

  20. Bhai Nitin,

    Get never can you your Yoda wrong. Top in India this blog is sense makes Top blog in India this is same.

    da Atanu

    (The Acorn has risen due to its gravity. Since I cannot add anything to such grave matters as the Acorn addresses, I have to take the opportunity to comment on a post tagged levity. My levity has sunk me. Over and out ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Congrats!

    Honestly, I had always assumed that the audience for this blog would be quite small and why you are wasting your time writing such top quality stuff while the impact would be limited. But happily, this survey disproves my assumption.

    Keep up the good work!

    BTW, could you clarify if this blog is backed up by a business model (looks unlikley, i dont see any ads)? Or is it a not-for-profit venture funded by donors (if so, who are they?)?

  22. Nitin: Congratilations on making it to the top rankings on IndiBlogger!!
    Well done…I hope this will spur more “IFS-types” to read your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Great job, Nitin.

    … your favourite blog squeezed past Digital Inspiration, Gauravonomics and other fine technology, business and management blogs.

    Indeed. Shows the difference good blogging can make to an “arcane” subject ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Everyone: Thanks again!


    INI is run entirely from our personal funds. It’s non-commercial and non-profit. We have some Google Ads, which buy us a beer once in a while.

  25. Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for the response. I think it would be a good idea if you had an ABOUT US section with details and background of all the people who are behind this wonderful blog.

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