5 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Scottfitzgeraldism”

  1. I often get a scottfitzgeraldism regarding some well-known bloggers. I know they are big names in the game, but can’t for the life of me grok why.

  2. That is wrong, wrong, wrongitty wrong. Scottfitzgeraldism is when you consider the most obvious feature of something to be the most essential defining distinction.

    As in, “Yes, the rich are different from us. They have more money.”

  3. Political philosophy equivalent:

    1. Hobbesism (the number of people who’ve actually read him, as opposed to those who think they know what he says, is actually quite low).

    2. Foucaultism (don’t even get me started).

  4. Atanu,

    Sir, that is Marxism. (Or am I at the risk of betraying my scottfitzgeraldism here)

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