Friday Squib: A poet and a revolutionary

But then…

So what if you are one of the top leaders of one of India’s largest underground Maoist party. You still need to get in touch with the wife. In an interview with Romita and Aveek Datta, Mint‘s intrepid reporters, Communist Party of India (Maoist) politburo member Koteshwar Rao says:

My wife Maina is now at Dandakaranya—she is in charge of a group in Bastar (district of Chhattisgarh). We met in Hyderabad when I was state secretary (of Andhra Pradesh) and she was a comrade. The last time we met was two years ago. We communicate through letters—use of mobile phones has been banned by our central committee. I write poems to her and make sure the Indian postal department delivers them to her. I wrote poems after the landmine attack on Buddhbabu’s convoy and also on the day somebody hurled a shoe at (George) Bush. [Mint]

Now before female readers of this blog start forwarding this to their significant others, they should also know that in the very next breath, Mr Rao says that he doesn’t have kids, because “the leadership expects the women in our party to undergo sterilization after marriage.” His interviewers didn’t ask him why vasectomies were not similarly expected of the men in the party. Especially after the comrade declared that his party works for “women’s liberation”.

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  1. Gotta love these guys. They’re so much more fun than the “mainstream”.

  2. Libertarian: agree; they indeed are a lot more fun.

    I especially love the way in which they haughtily peddle their slavish, mindless adherence to the party line. And then turn around and ask everyone to ‘wake up and think for themselves against the forces of ‘x’ ‘

    ‘x’ being hindutva, communalism, capitalism, americanism, imperialism,…

  3. It is indeed true that women sterilization is “Women liberation” (not liberalization). They are liberated from the “burden of bearing children”. But men are kept as such so that they bear the burden of becoming a father.

    Commies are nasty people. No question that, they should be wiped off from the face this earth. But what an irony that it should happen by forceful sterilization of their women folks by commies themselves ?

  4. My wife Maina”? Ooops, Mr. Koteshwar Rao, a Freudian slip into the ownership society?
    A deep thought — why no children? An attempt to jettison the Selfish Gene, as they had once tried to do away with Darwin? (do they still? it’s hard to find one of these dinosaurs in my neighborhood :))

  5. “I write poems to her and make sure the Indian postal department delivers them to her. ”

    wonder how he makes sure that the indian postal department, a tool of the delhi durbar, delivers his mail?

  6. Indian Postal system is the most corrupt system. My local postman tore up my mail I sent from the US. There was a checkbook in there with 1 signed check, he took it out and cashed Rs 40000 from my account. My father has to now deal with the police to get the money back .. that is a bigger nightmare. The police took some bribe from him and let him go. I thought tearing up mail was a big offence … apparently not in India.

    Never never never use the Indian post office to send anything remotely important. It is only good for delivering a commie’s poem to his mashooka.

  7. I’ve had the same problem with the US postal service and most recently with Royal Mail, which failed to deliver two champagne glasses I sent as a wedding present. (My colleague walked over and said, “that’s why there’s FedEx” when he heard me use vocabulary)

    My poems did get through, though.

  8. Tch tch

    What’s wrong with you guys? You spot everything but the romance.

  9. What AG said in #2 above.

    Here’s H L Menken in a similar vein (from his “A Little Book in C Major”:

    A Socialist, carrying a red flag, marched through the gates of Heaven. “To hell with rank!” he shouted. “All men are equal here.” Just then the late Karl Marx turned a corner and came into view, meditatively stroking his whiskers. At once the Socicalist fell upon his knees and touched his forehead to the dust. “O Master! he cried. “O Master, Master, Master!”

  10. @atanu,

    Mencken was a closet Marxist. Why else would he insinuate that Marx went to heaven.

  11. Mencken was a dyed in the wool atheist. It’s just a funny story he made up to illustrate the inconsistency of the stupid commies. Just because he refers to heaven does not make him a religious person or a socialist.

  12. Excerpted from “An Anthology of Revolutionary Poems”

    When I drove the knife into the class enemy’s ribs
    twisted it, twisted it and pulled it out,
    the gushing spurting red red blood
    reminded me of your red red lips

    the bourgeois’s neck needs to be smitten,
    with the raw passion of revolution,
    thine lovely neck, my love, deserves to be bitten
    ever so gently in the joy of our union

    there be guns, but i prefer sickles and hammers
    all natural is my unbeatable style
    women of the world, unite to get sterilized!
    all people have got to lose is their pills and rubbers!

    Revolution, revolution, I’m coming! I’m coming!

  13. That was actually, “An Anthology of Revolutionary Love Poems”. Sorry for the typo.

  14. all people have got to lose is their pills and rubbers

    Hilarious! Thanks oldtimer.

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