Goodbye Offstumped

An announcement

Many of you must be wondering about recent changes at Offstumped and INI.

With this note we want to communicate together on the road ahead.

While INI continues to be focused on being a non-partisan community of individuals committed to economic freedom, realism in international relations, an open society, a culture of tolerance and good governance, Offstumped has been unique in its effort to pursue this objective with a clear political focus and engagement in the political realm. These are two different paths, and both are essential to bring about the changes that we want to see.

Offstumped as a vehicle will continue to pursue its political focus as an independent vehicle while the INI platform will continue to retain its non-partisan character with a strong emphasis on increasing public awareness and education on strategic affairs and public policy.

Offstumped and INI share a common commitment towards India’s future, but will function as independent vehicles to be most effective in achieving our goals.

More details on Offstumped’s future plans can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Offstumped”

  1. Quite an ambiguous end to an excellent right-wing platform. If Offstumped devotes his new found free time towards establishing a nationalist media outlet, it’ll be worth it.

    PS Nitin: I think INI has space enough for aspiring policy wonks and aspiring ideologues. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

  2. @Nitin,

    It is disappointing to see Offstumped leave: what happens to political insights now?

    Can’t say the same about the commenters that frequented that blog. Sometime, oftentimes actually, there were more loonies venting off than people making sober comments.

    btw, how does one become an INI blogger? Is there a process or something? Just asking, dude, because I can’t write more than 6 sentences a day.


    On the contrary, I think policy wonks should do policy. Political wonks can do politics. Otherwise only one side will probably listen to you, the other sides certainly won’t.

  3. Nitin,

    As a regular reader of INI blogs, I never saw any problem with Offstumped co-existing with the other blogs on this platform.

    And when we say we are non-partisan here, are we really giving enough focus and attention to any centre-left concerns here on INI ? The entire INI platform leans to the right most of the time.And offstumped was giving a political dimension to the debates.

    I agree that with Yossarin deciding to devote his time to other projects and leave blogging, there was no point in maintaining his blog here. But to give a different reason (non-partisan, political dimension etc) some how doesn’t sound right.Just my two rupees.

    Btw, I like the new home page design.

  4. >>And when we say we are non-partisan here, are we really giving enough focus and attention to any centre-left concerns here on INI

    Why stop at “center-left”? Why not extreme left of the CPIM or Maoist kind? The bigger question is: should a platform like INI accommodate views from the wide spectrum because it claims to be “non-partisan”?

    So I think Nitin’s use of “non-partisanship” has to be located within the fraemwork of compliance to a broad ceter-right outlook but not to a specific political ideology or party.

    Where I disagree with Nitin though is his implied suggestion that a political blog can be “non-partisan”.

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