Pragati: Now in print

Yes, you will now be able to receive Pragati in print.

Quill Media Pvt Ltd, a Kolkata-based company, has introduced a third-party print & distribute service that will put the magazine in your hands. To indicate your interest in subscribing visit their website.

is an independent, non-commercial, non-profit publication. We have granted permission, free of charge, to Quill Media to provide a service that many of you have long asked for. Your support is vital for Quill Media to sustain the service, so please do subscribe. (The digital community edition & the website remain free of charge)

We have also redesigned the magazine to coincide with the print launch. While there have been small, incremental changes to the design since May 2007, this is the first major revamp. It kept us busy through the month of October. Hope you’ll like it.

The November issue is a pilot both for the print version and for the new design—and is a special compendium of the best ideas we featured this year. But we won’t tell you what’s in it—open it to find out for yourself.

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  1. Had a question. The price charged for the subscription would depend on the initial response to the service offered, right? Also, how will the subscription money be utilised? Just eager to know how this works.

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