Sunday Levity: Babes, do your patriotic duty

What attracts women?

INI’s resident military affairs expert (no, no pun intended) sends in an article with the following bit highlighted:

Young women who don’t join the army have another important role to play. They may opt to marry army officers and encourage their female friends to follow suit. If pretty young women in large numbers come forward to marry army officers, the stock of army officers in social circles goes up. This in turn provides indirect motivation to other young men to join the corps of officers and serve the nation. [Chitranjan Sawant/Merinews]

Now, Mr Sawant—like the Ukrainian army recruitment department—is not entirely wrong: if army officers get all the babes, then more young men will want to be army officers. But it is wrong to presume that getting women to marry army officers—out of a sense of patriotic duty—will lengthen the list of applicants to military academies.

That’s because of the OMIPP, the Oldest Mistake In Public Policy, which mistakes correlation for causation. In this case, attractive young women of marriageable age might be attracted to young men from a certain industry for the same reason as other young men want to get into that industry. Maybe because that industry pays well, offers a relatively better quality of life, a higher social status or all of the above.

So whether you are recruiting for the army or for the public sanitation department, you are better off making the job profile more attractive. The babes will follow.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Babes, do your patriotic duty”

  1. My friend in the navy married a real stunner. We used to ask him if he was having difficulty keeping his uniform on.

  2. Plus it’ s a little condescending to women in general, no? Assuming that all they want in life is to marry some (good-looking) guy and settle down?

  3. Pathetic suggestion by Sawant..After reading the quote I feel disgust in the patronizing attitude towards women as well as men in uniform.But I strongly feel that for military personnel in insurgency affected areas, they must internally arrange “cathouses” like private american contractors do for their troops in Iraq & Af-Pak theatre. I think it will reduce Shopian type incidents. It is not a politically correct thing to do, but I can only imagine what will happen to guys who wont get “action” for months on while being shot at and IEDed at every corner of the road. Cathouses can be done humanely like in Texas and Amsterdam..with good incentives to willing participants and not necessarily in WWII Japanese type of way..

  4. Hi, I am a journalist married to an army officer. My advice to young independant and strong headed women is, “NEVER MARRY AN ARMY OFFICER.” They may make great husbands, but the stinky organisation will expect you to become wives who spend their time pleasing the wives of senior officers.
    I had great pride for the army and wanted to provide mental strength to my officer husband. So I gave up my job where my salary was much more than my husband’s and joined him in a small town where he is posted. I found an alternative to work from home. My husband supports me, but the army has only been discouraging me, cos they want me to be active in “ladies’ activities.” These activities include ladies meets, attendance at shops which are inaugurated every time a senior officer’s wife visits, so called welfare activities where ORs’ wives are forced to dance and sing. If the jawans’ wives refuse to participate, their husbands are punished and told to control their wives. Even my husband was told by his senior officer, “you should know who wears the pants.” He is warned that his career would be harmed if I dont take orders from their wives.
    The ladies advise me “we should accept our fate. We can be only hosuewives or teachers.” Why don’t they bloody hell understand that times have changed. We live in the 21st century and we need not resign to our “fate.” Well, they may not for the army still lives in the 18th century.
    Thankfully I have a husband who stands by me and considers my career as important as his. You may not be that lucky. Think twice before marrying an Indian army officer.

    If the army wants more officers to join them, they have to come out of the British mentality and catch up with the changing world.

  5. It looks like even the army would have us thinking on the lines of Sawant’s article. A kiosk outside Army Recruitment Centre South in Bangalore actually says it: “MISSI N CAREER”.

    By intent or a case of a missing O?

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